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SpaceX is about to launch the first private and totally civil mission: this is what is expected of the Inspiration 4 mission

So far, all manned missions that have gone to Earth orbit have had at least one professional astronaut on board. This will stop being the case in a few hours, when SpaceX launches the Inspiration 4 mission. A special mission for many aspects in addition to being the first fully manned by civilians.

Space tourism is having its year in 2021. With Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin conducting the first manned missions to space we saw the first civilian tourists arrive … at the edge of space. And they are two missions that did not really leave Earth, at least not as much as SpaceX plans to do so. While the first two spent only a few moments in weightlessness, the Inspiration mission will spend three days orbiting the Earth and in weightlessness.

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Four Civilians and Netflix

The Inspiration 4’s crew consists of four civilians: Jared Isaacman, Hayley Arceneaux, Sian Proctor and Chris Sembroski. They will go aboard the Dragon Crew, which has been adapted to feature a massive glass dome instead of the docking dock used to go to the International Space Station.

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None of the crew will control the Dragon Crew or any mission process. All of this is automated or controlled from Earth by SpaceX. If all goes well the mission will be launched this coming Wednesday, September 15 at 8:02 PM EDT. There is a five hour launch window and if something does not go well due to weather conditions, a new launch will be attempted the next day and at the same time.

The Dragon Crew is expected to climb to a height of 575 kilometers and about 22 laps to the Earth. Each lap occurs in about 90 minutes. To put this in context, the Virgin Galactic spacecraft and the Blue Origin spacecraft barely reached 100 kilometers and the International Space Station is about 425 kilometers away.

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Among the crew, Hayley Arceneaux stands out, who is 29 years old and survived bone cancer when she was a child. He stands out for being the youngest American person to go into space and especially for being the first person to do so with a prosthesis. According to those responsible for the mission, in space they will conduct research experiments on human health and performance in the space.

Finally, remember that Netflix has meddled on this mission. Through the miniseries ‘Countdown’ they are broadcasting a series of episodes related to the preparation of the mission and once the crew members return to Earth they will broadcast the final episode with images recorded from space and aboard the ship. In a few days we will know more about it.

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