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SpaceX and Google Collaborate: Starlink will use the Google Cloud cloud for its satellite internet

Google has announced a new agreement with Elon Musk’s SpaceX in recent hours. The two companies are teaming up to provide a better Internet service by leveraging the other’s satellite connectivity and cloud infrastructure. One more step to strengthen yourself with Amazon, its cloud and its future satellite internet service.

Under this agreement, SpaceX will install Starlink terminals in Google’s cloud data centers around the world. This will allow Starlink customers to access the Internet more comfortably and under Google’s Internet infrastructure. Google will be able to provide an internet connection service to its business customers more quickly in rural areas.

According to Google’s release, these features will reach customers of both companies by the end of 2021. The first Starlink terminal in a Google data center is located in Ohio, USA. In the coming months, they will announce the other data centers that will receive this around the world.

SpaceX and Google vs. Google amazon

The relationship between SpaceX and Google has come a long way, from when Google invested $ 900 million in the aerospace company to later take advantage of the technologies they went on to develop. However, there is another reason for this alliance: Amazon. Jeff Bezos’ company is a cloud giant with AWS and also plans to meet Starlink with Project Kuiper. In fact, the idea is that Project Kuiper satellites (which are expected to orbit about 3,000) will connect directly to AWS servers.

Amazon has not yet put all satellites into orbit. SpaceX, mean its part, has over 1,500 orbiting the Earth and still wants to place thousands of them. With this 1,500 you already offer satellite internet in beta and even in Spain.

It’s worth noting that the other major cloud internet industry, Microsoft, also has its own agreement. Last year, he signed a contract with SpaceX to use his Starlink connection and offer mobile data centers virtually anywhere in the world.