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Sony patents a (terrible) system so that players and spectators can expel other players from those games

Sony applied for a unique patent in 2020 according to which in a broadcast of a game of an online video game spectators and even players could kick other players for any reason.

The US Patent Office approved this request yesterday, according to which the system would not only allow players without sufficient level to be eliminated from the game, but also give viewers the option to pay and kick the players they want.

A terrible idea in which everything can go wrong

In March, Sony bought EVO, the world’s most popular platform for online fighting games competitions, and if this patent were applied to the service, that would give the option of propose radical changes to the development of these tournaments and the broadcasts that allow them to be enjoyed as spectators.

The patent describes a system in which viewers of a broadcast could vote to remove a player from an ongoing game. That player would not have the ability to avoid the decision, and could be reassigned to another game.

The doubts about the implementation of such a system are enormous, especially because it seems easy for users to abuse it although to expel a player you have to pay a certain amount.

In Sony they explained how to prevent audiences from abusing the system a 60% majority of votes would be needed to expel a player, and the votes of the higher level players would have more weight in that decision.

The system is designed so that the players of these games can eliminate other toxic and disrespectful players, but also would enable viewers to cast their vote by paying a fixed price or even entering an auction to have the ability to expel other players. Those spectators could even warn the players in the game that they either play better or risk being sent off.

The idea doesn’t seem especially lucky And it does not seem aimed at making tournaments and online games healthier, but at Sony being able to put in money to give some power to the spectators of these online events.

Via | Kotaku