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Sony envisions a future 2050 in which ‘climate refugees’ will live in mobile water houses

A group of Sony designers have wanted imagine a future Tokyo in the year 2050, and they have done it collaborating with science fiction writers.

This has given rise to striking concepts such as that of the ‘Habitat, 2050’ project in which ‘climate refugees’ are mentioned, those affected by climate change. These people, these designers believe, they could make their home in mobile houseboats that would turn them into marine nomads.

Kevin Costner would be proud

These houses – the envy of Kevin Coster, surely – they would also be boats with which to travel by seaAlthough this would depend on the weather conditions, the time of day and the tides.

These mobile houseboats include a motor, sail and outriggers, and the drop down roof could be optimally positioned in a storm to keep out the wind, but also erected to use the wind as a form of propulsion when navigating.


The houses have two floors, one on the water that would be the public space and one underwater that would be the private space.


Solar panels would be used to produce electricity, which would be stored in a tank with water that would end up being used as thermal energy.

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