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Social Security creates a mobile app to manage the new quota for the self-employed: it will allow to change the tranche on a monthly basis according to income

The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations has created a mobile application with which it wants to centralize most of the bureaucratic procedures of self-employed workers, including the new installment fee that will start operating in 2023, as El Periódico de Catalunya has advanced.

The app, therefore, will have different tools so that the self-employed can carry out all their transactions online, but the most outstanding one is, without a doubt, which offers the possibility of calculating in real time the fee that the professional will pay each month. It should be remembered that the Government announced a reform of the self-employed contribution system in May 2021 by which thirteen tax brackets were created based on income, from 90 to 1,220 euros per month.

The aforementioned reform establishes that the self-employed they will have to choose their provisional contribution base at the beginning of the year based on estimated earnings, and that they may modify this choice up to six times a year to adjust it to possible variations in their returns. Likewise, if at the end of the fiscal year there are differences between what was paid and what was paid, the worker may request a refund if he has contributed more than his share or will have to enter the difference if he has contributed less.

Thus, the new self-employed contribution system adds bureaucratic complexity to the management of self-employed workers, something that the Ministry seeks to solve with the app that it is finishing development. With this tool, the professional will be able to adjust their fee based on their income in real time and online, so that each month they will be able to pay what is actually due without having to go to the Social Security offices and avoid having to regulate your contribution at the end of the fiscal year. However, it must be remembered that you can only change the section six times a year.

For the rest, the application will also include another series of tools so that the professional you can carry out most of your paperwork through it, such as registration or withdrawal from the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers or the calculation of available benefits. The release date of

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, published last July, there are currently 3,320,983 self-employed workers in Spain who can benefit from the use of this new mobile application.