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Soccer trivia: Football online trivia questions for kids


Trivia quizzes are a cursory collection of information. Football Trivia handles soccer trivia information. Fans love collecting football online trivia questions for kids about their favorite sports and stars. Here are some interesting trivia about football:


  1. There are 265 million soccer players worldwide, approximately 90% of whom are men.


  1. The best players have a 10% risk of injury during the game after a week of training.


  1. The average annual profit of a Premier League club is comparable to that of a supermarket branch. They are not as rich as you think.


  1. The team that participated in the first penalty shoot-out has a 60% chance of winning.


  1. In most European countries, suicide rates decrease when soccer matches are played.


  1. British athletes named themselves on the back of their jerseys for the first time at the European Championships in Sweden in 1992.


  1. At 38 years and 2 months, Leslie Compton became the oldest player to debut in England when he played Wales in 1950-51.


  1. Chelsea’s Tommy Lawton holds the record for the fastest goal by a British player. He scored a goal in 17 seconds in England’s 1947 game against Portugal.


  1. Spurs Alan Murray was the first British player to receive a red card in an international match. This happened during the match between England and Yugoslavia.


  1. The first international football match without the participation of the British team took place between the United States and Canada. Canada won the match 1-0.


  1. England played their first match against a host in a foreign country in Austria. They defeated Austria 1-0.


  1. For the first time in 1956, the Local International Championship ended in a tie at four, with each of the four teams scoring 3 points each.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more amazing soccer trivia available on the internet for enthusiastic soccer fans.


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