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Smartwatches do not stop growing: the market grows by 27% with Apple in the lead and Samsung accelerating

Counterpoint Research, the well-known consultancy in the world of technology, has just published the data regarding the performance of the smartwatch market in the second quarter of the year. According to the consultancy, shipments of smartwatches have grown 27% compared to the previous year with Apple at the helm and Samsung taking a run.

Apple shipped 28% of the watches during the second quarter of 2021, a figure well above that of its main rivals, which are Huawei (9,3%) y Samsung (7,6%). Apple, therefore, continues to lead in this product segment, although the price range that is growing the most is not exactly the highest.

100 euro watches pull the cart

On the one hand, data from Counterpoint Research show that Huawei, which is still in second position, has dropped shipments from 13.1% to 9.3%, something that could be due to its loss of market share of smartphones. . Samsung, for its part, has gone from 6.8% to 7.6%, thus surpassing the Chinese imoo and staying in third position.

A new player also appears on the graph, Garmin, which takes the place of Amazfit. In fact, Counterpoint notes that Samsung and Garmin have seen significant growth of 43% and 62% year-on-year, respectively. In the case of Samsung, it has been thanks to the Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 2.


Evolution of smartwatch shipments Q2 / 2020-Q2 / 2021.

On the other hand, Counterpoint highlights that there are already more than 100 million Apple Watch users. Most of them are from the United States. However, the most premium segment of the market has not been the one that has grown the most, but has been that of watches under $ 100.

These watches typically have less advanced operating systems, but carry functions such as readings to users’ wrists. SpO2 and heart rate. According to analysts at Counterpoint, the market for watches under 100 euros has grown by no more and no less than 547% year-on-year.

Vía | Counterpoint Research