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Sinclair delays segment with ‘Plandemic’ conspiracy theory

“I recognize that this segment needs to be reworked to provide a better context, and as such we are postponing the episode’s broadcast for a week,” Bolling said in a statement posted to his Twitter feed on Saturday afternoon.

Fauci recently talked about becoming the target of death threats over his public comments about the coronavirus pandemic, which often contradicted the policies of President Donald Trump and his administration.

Media Matters reported that Bolling introduced the pre-recorded interview by referring to Mikovits as “an expert in virology” and someone who had previously worked with Fauci. In the interview, Bolling spoke to Mikovits and her lawyer, Larry Klayman, about ‘Plandemic’ and their plans to sue Fauci.

Bolling also spoke to Fox News, medical officer Dr. Nicole Saphier, in response to Mikovits’ claims. Saphier noted that it was “highly unlikely” that Fauci was responsible for the pandemic, then she and Bolling weighed other theories of how the virus spread and escalated.

Prior to the decision to postpone the episode, both Bolling and Sinclair said that while they left the segment running, they did not endorse the documentary or its message in any way.

“I have always welcomed all points of my show and have always stood for free speech in the media in my 15 years,” said Bolling. “In this case, I was indeed taken by surprise by some of Dr. Mikovits. At no time did I agree with her. I also called in another doctor to debunk the theories she advocated. I repeat: I do not agree with Dr. Mikovits. ‘

In announcing that this week’s segment would be delayed, Bolling added that he has “tremendous respect for Dr. Fauci” and considers him to be “the leading expert in the field.” He also said that he tried to have Fauci on his schedule to discuss Covid-19 and that the invitation is still valid.

“After further investigation, we have decided to postpone the broadcast of this episode,” Sinclair said in a statement on Saturday. “We will bring different points of view together in the coming days and provide additional context. All stations have been advised not to broadcast this and will instead re-broadcast last week’s episode.”