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Siakam carries Raptors past Cavaliers

It was about as uneven as the season as a whole, but when everything was said and done, it was a win for the Raptors.

A slow start, then a nice wake-up call, followed by another nap in the second quarter, left the underarmed Cleveland Cavaliers hanging with the Raptors for the first half.

The Raps came out in the third  and refocused and manage some breathing room en route to a 112-96 victory. It was Pascal Siakam again who led the way despite playing much of the match in bad trouble. Siakam, who has regained his old energy level after a battle with COVID, put a team-best 23 points in this one on just 17 shot attempts.

It was the 9th game in the past 10 where Siakam has had at least 20 points in a game, making that conversation that Siakam might not be the No.1 offensive option he’s been destined for since Kawhi Leonard left for Los Angeles quieter.

Siakam has battled a number of issues dating back to last August in the Orlando bubble, but credit him with continuing to work even as the criticism began to get awfully loud.