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Sergeant Nelson’s body will be cremated this Friday

The body of Sambista Nelson Sargento will be cremated on Friday (28) in an intimate ceremony restricted to family and friends. The sambista died on Thursday (27), at the age of 96, in Rio de Janeiro, due to complications of Covid.

The information is from the press office of the singer, who also reported that the farewell would be in a cemetery in the central region of the city.


“Unfortunately, because of the pandemic in which we find ourselves, we inform you that there will be no public wake; Nelson will be cremated in a ceremony restricted to the family,” he said.

Author of ‘Agonizes, but does not die.’

Nelson Sargento died on Thursday (27), at the age of 96, the honorary president of Mangueira First Station and author of hits such as “‘Agonizes, but does not die”. According to the National Cancer Institute (Inca), he died at 10:45 a.m. in Rio de Janeiro.

Sergeant was diagnosed with Covid last Friday (21), when he was hospitalized in the Inca. In addition to old age, Nelson also suffered from prostate cancer years ago.


On February 26, the composer of Mangueira received the second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 at home. The first dose, in a symbolic act on January 31, marked the  beginning of immunization of the elderly.

According to epidemiologists, no vaccine is 100% effective. Still, the chances of a vaccinated person being infected with the virus is much lower than that of those who have not been vaccinated. Maximum protection is only achieved when a large part of the population is immunized, and the virus stops circulating.

“People have a hard time understanding what the function of a vaccine is,” says Natalia Pasternak, a Brazilian biologist and scientific dissemination founder, and first president of the Question of Science Institute. “They think the vaccine is magic. That is, he took the vaccine, he is protected; You didn’t take it, you’re going to get sick. That’s not how vaccines work.”

Unpublished work

Nelson’s daughter-in-law and music producer, Lívea Mattos, told G1 that even away from the stage, the sambista kept creating. She said that he leaves a CD of unreleased songs with Agenor de Oliveira, has a newly discovered recording with Wilson Moreira – who died in 2018 – and many records of shows and intimate moments recorded.

“Besides, he kept writing. There was a notebook I wrote prayers in, which I liked very much. He prayed several times a day. I have to thank you for living with him, but he’s going to be faulty,” lívea says.