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Samsung shows in action its prototype screen with several folds: its idea for the mobile of the future

The models in Samsung’s Galaxy Z range are currently the company’s foldable phones on the market. It recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, however, it is not the only style of folding phone that the brand has in mind. A new working prototype from Samsung shows us a multi-fold device.

The phone actually first appeared at Display Week 2021, but it was now at iMiD 2021 show that it has been seen working. What exactly? A foldable phone (or tablet?) That features two hinges to make two folds of it.

As you can see in the video, it is a phone able to fold into a Z shape (even though the current models are already called Z …) thanks to the two hinges. This allows you to have a tablet screen that is reduced to just a compact mobile thanks to the two folds.

Samsung indicates that each fold can be used independently and display information only on one of the three screens, on two of them, or on all three at the same time. The three display areas can show a joint interface or work independently as a multitasker.

Samsung’s (multi) foldable future

At the moment this new concept of multiplegable screen is closer to an exposure than a consumer’s pocket. Samsung has not presented plans to introduce it to the market for now, although with the advances it is making in this aspect of OLED displays, it would not be surprising to see it soon.

It is not the only one, the company is betting more than any other on devices with a folding screen. Apart from the Galaxy Z on the market and this multiplayable device, he also has other ideas in mind. At iMiD 2021 itself it has also presented a speaker wrapped in a flexible OLED screen 12.4-inch that folds out to show more information.

Both devices are for now Samsung Display concepts, Samsung’s division focused on developing and manufacturing displays (for both Samsung and other companies). These ideas will probably reach Samsung’s final products first, but sooner or later to the rest of the manufacturers as well if they are viable ideas and convince consumers.

Vía | Android Authority