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Samsung Galaxy S22: release date, price, models and everything we think we know about them

We are in 2021 and the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 + and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra still smell almost new, but that is not for the rumor mill and leaks around the next flagships. That is why we can already collect everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy S22.

What price will the Samsung Galaxy S22 have?

The starting prices of the Galaxy S21 were the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21: from 859 euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 +: from 1,059 euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: from 1,259 euros.

For now, there are no leaks talking about prices, so it is possible to think they would. In fact, the Galaxy S21 started at a slightly lower price than the Galaxy S20, so we don’t expect an increase.

What models will there be of Samsung Galaxy S22?

Samsung Galaxy S22

In view of what is presented in the Galaxy S20 and S21 generations, we hope that the new Galaxy will respond (as we have already explained in this article) to the name Galaxy S22. Recalling the naming context a bit, until the Galaxy S20 there was also a numeric string, but it ended in ten (Galaxy S10), from there jumped to 20 and continued with the S21, hence we hope the next generation will have this relationship will continue, also given that all leaks indicate it that way.

It is expected to be models that have had these last two generations, with doubts about the “FE” edition (Fan Edition we saw in the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE) but not yet in the S21 (although rumors have it) . They would therefore be like this:

Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung Galaxy S22 +
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

How will the design of Samsung Galaxy S22 be?

One of the main changes rumored to be the front camera below the screen. That is to say, it does not appear through a hole, but it may or may not appear at the request of the user as it happens in the ZTE Axon 20 5G. It’s something the brand has already talked about (although not on cell phones) and is rumored for the next Samsung folding devices, but by extension it is also being discussed for the Galaxy S22 (which would come after the new foldable ones, who are waiting this year).

According to what we see in the LestsGoDigital renders, based on speculation and rumors, the Galaxy S21’s appearance would start with that of the S21, with similarities seen in the S21 Ultra’s striking rear module. We even see thickness and finishes that match what was claimed for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, including the S Pen.

Be careful, in the renderings that show, the screen is flat, while the back does draw the curvature on the sides that the Galaxy S has been drawing for years. It’s something many of us would love, but it would be odd if Samsung were to part with a feature that is so typical of these mobile phones, even though base models like the Galaxy S21 already have a curved screen.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 have 5G?

Based on what has been seen in the brand and the generalization of 5G, we can almost certainly say that the Galaxy S22 will have 5G. Nothing that the brand has confirmed, that has not even mentioned anything of this generation, but for context and for what we will discuss at performance level now, it is expected.

Samsung Galaxy S22: all the features we know

In terms of performance, we expect the next Galaxy S22 to carry the successors of Qualcomm and Samsung itself in terms of high-end processors. That is to say, which comes after the Exynos 2100 and the Snapdragon 888, assuming the minimum RAM and storage will start from 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, although nothing is said about this at the moment.

The novelty speculated on this that stands out is that in the case of Exynos, they would go for graphics from AMD, rather than a Mali CPU (from ARM) as we usually see. Now it is not the first time that there have been rumors about the association with AMD and so far nothing at all.

What we can almost certainly take is that there is no charger in the package. Samsung already said it was something they would consider for their next products, so again, there will be a small box.

As we noted in the design section, we hope they will release a front-facing camera below the screen. And something that has been noted is that the brand would finally level the terms in terms of back materials for the base model, which would eventually go into glass.

The renders made are assumed to support S Pen like the Galaxy S21 ultra, but for now there is no talk of batteries and screens so we’ll be aware of these sections. For now, the filtering has focused a lot on the photography section, which we’ll see below.

How will the Samsung Galaxy S22 cameras be?

Samsung Galaxy S22

Much has been done about an alleged future collaboration between Samsung and Olympus. The leak came from LetsGoDigital, which indicated that the Koreans and Japanese would work together to improve the photographic experience on the Samsung Galaxy. An agreement that we would see formalized, as they indicate, in the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which they already dubbed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which in theory arrives first.

When you see what Huawei and Leica have done, Nokia with Zeiss (houses that had collaborated during the old Nokia) and OnePlus with Hasselblad and Sony with itself (that’s why it has the Sony Alpha), the Samsung-Olympus link makes quite sense by precedents. . However, in Engadget Photo, they pointed out that this was not so well understood from within the photography world, as Samsung already has experience in the industry and doesn’t seem to need it.

Rumor has it, of course, that the agreement would focus on the implementation of a new optical stabilization system. Field in which Olympus pioneered with its IBIS system. Or quite the opposite: that everything was the result of a confusion over the code name of a new Exynos, “Olympus”.

On the other hand, it also alludes to using a 200-megapixel sensor for that collaboration premiere, as a leap into its own sensors remaining at 108-megapixel for now. There is already support for 200 megapixels (as in the Snapdragon 888) and with the rumors about sensors up to 600 megapixels (and boy, with the fashion of high resolutions even in the mid-range)

The addition of 8K at 60fps in the video is also rumored, pushing the 8K that their cell phones already have from the S20 a bit further as it’s currently 24fps. And what is supposed is that they will continue without a ToF sensor as the feedback from the mobile phones would probably have been positive without it and would not compensate.

The announcement of ISOCELL 2.0 also focused on the future Galaxy S, as they promise improvements in light use and open the door to the development of sensors with a higher pixel count (up to 500 megapixels), thus fitting the rumor of the 200 megapixels, in addition.

The zoom lens, which mainly plays a leading role in the top model, has also been discussed. Specifically, there are rumors of a continuous optical zoom. A technology that we have seen in conventional cameras that would make it possible to omit the hybrid zoom lens, which gives a better result.

What is the release date of Samsung Galaxy S22?

This year, the Galaxy 21 anticipated the presentation date that its predecessors normally had, more around February and March. If they follow the annual renewal, in 2022 we would see the Samsung Galaxy S22 in the first half of January, but there is no information referring to the launch date yet.