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Salesforce announces clips for Slack: short TikTok-style audios and videos with which they want to eliminate unnecessary meetings

With the purchase of Slack, Salesforce slammed the table into the professional software market and targeted Microsoft directly. The fight to become the main provider of tools for companies was served, and now, almost a year after that acquisition, the San Francisco people show their weapons: they have just announced at an international press conference the integration of most of their products in professional chat and the launch of some new functions in this instant messaging platform with which they want to transform the digital relationship between workers.

The main novelty in this regard are the Slack clips, a new tool with which small audio and video clips can be sent through the platform so that workers can communicate “in a faster and more effective way” with their colleagues, superiors and subordinates, they assure from Salesforce.

These audio and video clips can be archived by users in case they need to consult them later and they incorporate the options of being slowed down or accelerated and of being automatically transcribed, in case the worker needs to have their content in text.

“In business we spend a lot of time communicating, a great investment of time that does not always have a reflection on productivity. Our proposal is to free unnecessary meetings so that time can be better used, we are committed to a change of mentality. With the clips you can send a quick communication without having to arrange a meeting of half an hour, make a call or be connected. It is a flexible and fast solution, which also serves to reproduce the conversations that you could have in person in the office ”, explained Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, at the press conference.

The news that Slack was going to incorporate these functions is not new, since last March both Butterfield, in an interview, and Slack, through their corporate blog, announced that they were working on innovations of these characteristics, as already we report in Engadget. However, until now more details were unknown and it was not clear that they could finally be implemented, since in that same month of March the professional chat platform had to hastily withdraw another direct messaging tool a few hours after launching it for not measuring Well the negative impact it could have. Now, the implementation of Slack clips is official.

Near full integration of Salesforce in Slack

The other great news that Salesforce managers have shared at the press conference is the integration of almost all your tools in Slack, with what they want to turn the chat platform into a complete Microsoft Teams-style work center.

“Slack is no longer just a chat, with these integrations it becomes a complete work platform. With these integrations you don’t need to send an email or make a call, you have everything you need to communicate with your team in Slack, “said Bret Taylor, president and chief operating officer of Salesforce.

These integrations will allow, for example, to create alerts that notify the whole team through Slack of new publications on the web, develop low-code applications with actions and approvals between employees directly in the chat or create notifications with data and analytics of any aspect of the company, among many others. Too Multiple commercial tools can be installed directly on the messaging platform so that sales teams can work on different aspects without leaving it.

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They have also integrated a health and productivity tool focused on employees using Slack and the various Salesforce tools: Slack-First Healthcare. As explained, this function will allow workers to access information on well-being and performance directly on the messaging platform, create alerts and make queries that will be answered by bots.

For educational institutions they have launched Slack-First Education, with which they point out that you can create a digital campus that integrates all the members of the institution and facilitates their communication.

And for government institutions they have enabled GovSlack, a version of professional chat that meets the strong security requirements demanded by public administrations It runs on government-certified systems and enables governments to use all of Salesforce’s data management and communication tools directly in Slack.

Salesforce already announced the first integrations of its tools in Slack in August. On that occasion, the Americans included in the professional chat the sales, marketing and data analytics functions of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud y Tableau.