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Sales on Google Play: subscription fee drops to 15% for almost all apps

Google has announced a major move in its app catalog, Google Play. The company reduces the commission that takes from 30% to 15% in all applications that offer some type of subscription, when until now all developers had to pay 30% during the first year.

The company seeks ease tensions with the law, since on the table of Sundar Pichai, legal battles such as Epic Games or new laws such as that of South Korea are piling up that put a limit on the commissions that can be demanded in the application catalogs and forces to offer methods of third party payment. The EU is also investigating the company for monopoly, precisely because of the Play Store commissions.

Google promises that the change, which will be activated on January 1, 2022, will allow 99% of developers can see their commissions reduced to that 15%. What’s more, the company also claims that music and e-book services will be able to see an even bigger cut with a commission that can be as low as 10%.

They are discounts that also represent a ‘touch’ for Apple, which retains a 30% commission for developers who make more than a million dollars annually and is also under pressure from the courts. In Cupertino they are leaders in application revenue thanks to the App Store business, but a difference between commissions with the other large catalog can cause complaints.

The change will not affect users too much, but we will have to be attentive to the responses of both developers and other companies such as Apple. At the moment from Mountain View they have declared to The Verge that “they are always based on the feedback developers and what they need to succeed to improve Google Play. “