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Roborock Dyad – Roborock’s first wet and dry vacuum cleaner has three edge-proof rollers

Roborock has just announced the launch of its first wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Its about Roborock Dyad, an “all-in-one” product with two motors, three rollers and the ability to suck up dirt in almost any situation.

Furthermore, the device has been designed to get well to the edges and detects stains to adapt the cleaning mode. We will get to know it better right away, but not before highlighting that it will be available from November 11 and that its price will be 449 euros.

Roborock Dyad Datasheet

roborock dyad

dimensions and weight

1.112 x 270 x 191 mm

5 kilos

station dimensions

320 x 240 mm

rated power


rated voltage

22.2V / 21.6V

Noise level

78 dB


5.000 mAh


Auto: 35 minutes

Max: 25 minutes

280 square meters

loading time

4 hours

cleaning tank

850 ml

dirt tank

620 ml

cleaning modes



Floor drying

roller type

Multi, soft rollers

1 x front roller

2 x rear rollers

brush range of motion


voice alerts


indicator type



449 euros

Two motors, three rollers and 35 minutes of autonomy


The Roborock Dyad is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. According to the company, it is the first wet and dry vacuum cleaner with two motors and three rollers. One motor is dedicated to the front roller, while another drives the two rear rollers. It’s a proprietary technology called DyadPower.

How does it work? Front and rear engine rotate in opposite directions, so so do the rollers. This system allows the vacuum cleaner to lift and remove wet and dry dirt. What’s more, serves to make it easier to move the device, which is not exactly light. In this sense, it should be noted that the head rotates up to 180º, so it can be adjusted to the furniture.


Another interesting aspect is that rear rollers span the entire width of the header. That, in a nutshell, means that the rear rollers have been arranged so that they reach the edges of the walls and baseboards, one of the most complex areas for this type of device.

That said, let’s talk about cleaning modes. The Roborock Dyad vacuums, scrubs and dries. According to the company, the device removes dust, dirt and liquids, leaving the floor practically dry. Because no, it is not possible to just aspire.


As dirty water and solids are sucked in, these go to a 620ml tank while the robot ejects clean water from the 850 ml tank. In this sense, it should be noted that the vacuum cleaner has a difficult infrared stain detection system that automatically increases the water flow and the suction power.

Vacuum always drop some waterAlthough it has a drying mode that, it is said, does not leave the soil completely dry. What it does is increase the suction power to reduce the amount of water in the soil.


Once the cleaning is complete, we can leave the vacuum cleaner on the base and let clean itself. The rollers clean themselves at the push of a button, although it is always advisable to take them out from time to time to remove things like hairs. The service life of the rollers is about six months, although it will depend on the use.

Through the LED screen located in the upper area we can see the cleaning mode and the battery level. It also has a voice alert system that alerts you when you need to refill the tank or charge the battery. And speaking of battery, the vacuum cleaner has 5,000 mAh and, according to Roborock, is capable of cleaning for 35 minutes in automatic mode.

Roborock Dyad versions and price


The new Roborock Dyad It will be available in Europe from November 11. Its price will be 449 euros and, at least in the first phase, it can be purchased on AliExpress. We will update this article as availability increases.