Report: Blacks in Boston are disproportionately confronted with deportation

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Color communities in Boston are being disproportionately affected by evictions in the city, with some of the highest rates in black communities, according to a new report released Sunday.

Seventy percent of requests for eviction at competitive rates occur in neighborhoods where the majority of residents are colored people, although only about half of rental properties are in these neighborhoods, according to three years of data from MIT researchers and an organization for housing law. The problem has only been made worse by the coronavirus, which saw a spike in deportation requests before the state issued a moratorium in April. Almost 80% of those suspended cases were in color communities.

The racial difference in evictions in Boston is part of a nationwide trend and reflects findings in cities across the country and in Washington State. Much of the research has shown that the racial makeup of a neighborhood is the most important factor in predicting neighborhood expulsion rates, even beyond poverty and other neighborhood characteristics.

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