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Everything You Need to Know About Retractable & Removable Bollards

If you are a business owner considering buying safety bollards for your business, then you may already have come across different bollard options – retractable & removable bollards. These bollards – can protect significantly from traffic situations such as accidents, and keep buildings from being hampered due to an out of control driving, and keep pedestrians safe from any automobile traffic as well. 

So which Bollard Should You Choose For Your Business, you may wonder? 

Here’s how you know.

The Major Difference between Removable Bollards & Retractable Bollards

Removable bollards come with a buriable receiver that goes underground and holds down the barrier securely till no longer required to do. They are used to restrict pedestrian traffic from being on the road and creating free access by removing the removable bollard and storing it away at the end of the day. On the other hand, retractable bollards are a convenient option when it comes to security access as they rise to restrict the flow of vehicular traffic until the access is granted; at that point, they retract into the base, allowing entry. 

Application of Removable Bollards

  • Parking Lots – Removable bollards are used in parking lots to help deter car thieves, and protect the parked vehicles from oncoming traffic or even restrict parking in certain parking area slots. 
  • Retail Storefronts – By using crash rated bollards in front of retail storefronts, one can protect against the accidental acceleration of the vehicle or malfunction caused due to a brake failure.
  • Control the traffic flow – Removable bollards are also convenient for users to separate traffic flow in parking lots and to grant access to certain access roads as well. 

Application of Retractable Bollards

  • High Profile Government Buildings -Buildings that require high -security due to the presence and security reasons of government officials, dignitaries or even protection for prisoners use retractable bollards.
  • Shopping Areas – By using retractable bollards instead of removable bollards in front of shopping centres, officials can section off areas of the shopping centre to cater to the needs of shoppers for a flexible area for pickup of packages during holidays or in case of a special occasion. 
  • University Campuses – As university campuses see students taking part in careless driving, using retractable bollards could help safeguard students in case an ongoing event is taking place and restricting the entry of vehicles to certain areas until required.