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Regolith fever: NASA kicks off the lunar mining era with a symbolic 10 cent check

The asteroids in our solar system are especially interesting for that new ‘space gold rush’ that is the mining of these celestial bodies. However, there is another clear immediate objective for this new discipline that many believe will be a lucrative business.

It’s about our Moon, which also contains interesting elements that can be mined. NASA has ushered in the era of lunar mining, and he has done so by signing a symbolic 10 cent check for the company Lunar Outpost, which has a short-term goal to start collecting lunar regolith.

10 cents is just the beginning

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson presented that check to Justin Cyrus, CEO of Lunar Outpost, at the Space Symposium event. That check represented 10% of the bid (also symbolic) that this company made for boost your efforts in collecting moondust.

This unique contract raises a turning point in this new industry of space mining in general and lunar mining in particular with which they will try to collect minerals and resources from the Moon and other celestial bodies.

Lunar Outpost had already developed an air quality sensor to protect space missions from lunar dust, and in fact that work has been used to create sensors that detect toxic components in fires and they help better protect firefighters when they do their jobs.

That work will now go further, and in Lunar Outpost they want to collect lunar regolith and thus propose a system that can then play an important role in the Artemis program and the future of space exploration.

For Nelson this collection is the first step towards a potential reuse of lunar dust when building a certain type of “cement” with which to create buildings on the Moon, but they also want to collect ice at the Moon’s poles to create for example rocket fuel and for other purposes.

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