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Real Estate In Virtual Reality: How Does It Work?

So far, most people perceive virtual and augmented reality more as entertainment. At the same time, these technologies are already being actively used in the educational sphere, engineering, marketing and sales. For example, virtual reality glasses for real estate sales have become a successful tool. And they open up a lot more possibilities than you might think.

The main advantage of using Virtual Reality Real Estate Softwareis the ability to inspect property, design, layout and other aspects of real estate remotely or while still under construction. No videos or photos will give this effect.

If earlier potential clients had to come to the object, study a lot of not very informative documentation and try to imagine how all this will be implemented in life, now this task becomes much easier with Panoroo Virtual Walkthrough Software Free. An interactive 360-degree view of objects with high-resolution rendering allows you to immediately see what your home or commercial property will look like after all construction, repair, and restoration work is completed.

Many companies are already applying the technology in practice when selling real estate: VR Group, Alliance Group Real Estate, Berkowitz Development Group and others. Moreover, the application practice is different:

  • Inspection Of The Object In Order To Improve Sales Efficiency. Developers can “stitch” photographs, 3D objects and videos, which further form a virtual three-dimensional space, which the client explores using glasses or a virtual reality helmet. And this is great for selling real estate of all types.


  • Buying Real Estate “Blindly”. According to research conducted, a third of residential property buyers make a purchase without ever seeing it. A striking example is a purchase under construction. This is an order of magnitude cheaper, but a person really has little idea what result awaits him. Virtual Reality Real Estate Software solves this problem, allowing you to see the layout, estimate the size of rooms, design solutions, color combinations, and more in advance.


  • Reconstruction Of Objects. Previously, there were problems in order to clearly identify the scope of work and specific requirements for execution during reconstruction to contractors. Now AR technology makes it possible to complement a real object: decoration, decor, structural elements, etc.


  • Advertising. Beautiful and vivid virtual tours of real estate are much more effective advertising than ordinary billboards, advertisements on the Internet, on television, etc. VR tours are gaining popularity in the West and are already being used in our country.

To understand how virtual tours work, you can consider real estate in virtual reality in games. Only in our case, the visualization is better, of higher quality and with greater detail.