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Ramona Singer’s daughter Avery denies yelling at FedEx employees

Boxed in a corner? Ramona Singerdaughter, Avery Singer, closes claims that she yelled at FedEx employees to pack her things when she left her apartment.

Avery, 25, went to FedEx on Wednesday, July 29, while leaving her West Village apartment. According to the New York Post’s Page six, the New York resident showed up at her local store and demanded that workers box her things for her.

When told that FedEx is not moving people, but is already shipping packaged items, the outlet claimed she wouldn’t accept no as an answer. Avery reportedly had at least ten plastic storage containers, a cardboard box and several clothing bags and left her belongings ‘scattered around the store’.

However, Avery’s representative explained that the story was not true.

Ramona Singer, Left and Avery Singer attend the Global Lyme Alliance gala in NYC on October 11, 2018. Charles Sykes / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

“Avery has been shipping to this FedEx location since March and March and everyone has been so polite and helpful,” said Avery’s representative Us weekly in a statement on Wednesday. “The original location couldn’t handle the size [of] box to send, so she had to switch locations. But that was all. Someone is clearly trying to make more about this situation than it actually is. ‘

The spokesperson added, “Much of this is untrue and extremely exaggerated.”

Hours earlier, Avery shared videos of herself getting ready to move to the East Village through her Instagram story.

“Putting all your clothes in garment bags … so much easier,” she captioned a photo of her closet all wrapped up after revealing a “professional tip” on under-bed storage to make the most of a small space.

The University of Virginia alumnus then took a “much needed lunch break” with friends and tasted pasta and salad at the Via Carota restaurant in town.

Avery had previously been quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic with her mother, 63, who has her own history of being rude to hotel staff during travel before The Real Housewives of New York City.

In May, Avery started talking about the hardships of dating during the pandemic and working with her parents – the couple started quarantining in Florida with Ramona’s ex-husband, Mario Singer, but eventually got their own place.

“I recently started dating three different boys just before the quarantine. It’s all about a small selection, ” said Avery during a May episode of Instagram Live’s interview series, Spilling the Quarantea. “I think now is a good time to make those emotional connections, so the guy I talked to in the past that I still talk to now has become friends with him and although we don’t have anything romantic at all because you have that basis of timing. “

She added, “My mom actually thinks a lot of these f-kboys will come out of this and want a girlfriend and settle down.”

Real housewives from New York City fans first met Avery at the series’ premiere in 2008. Her mother has been in the series since day one.

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