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Rainbow Six Siege Mute Protocol invisible glitch: what to know about event, invisibility

It wouldn’t be Rainbow Six without failures and events, would it?

Over the years, there have been numerous glitches that have plagued all platforms, with Ubisoft generally getting to work on fixing them. With the MUTE Protocol event starting on August 4, another groundbreaking glitch has been discovered.

(Maybe another surgery: health is okay?)

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Keep in mind that this glitch is incredibly frustrating to play against, and chances are you’ll be banned from using this. At the very least, people may not want to play with you.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest glitch.

Rainbow Six Mute Siege Protocol invisible failure

In the latest in a long, long history of bugs and glitches, the new exploit can be activated on PC and consoles, making you both invisible and invincible. While Ubisoft is definitely working on a patch for the exploit, there are a few ways to get it done:

  • Like a Attacker, descend along the north side of Tower during spawn and reach the platform at the very bottom.
  • Throw away your drone, and place it on the railing so you don’t fall off the map.
  • Once you exit your drone, you want to throw it to the middle pillar of the card. You may or may not slide off the edge of the railing and if you do, you must land on an invisible platform.
  • Once the drone is destroyed, you will be automatically removed from it and the glitch must be activated. To get back into the building, put and destroy your second drone or throw it back on the platform.

There is also a second, more complicated way to initiate the failure, which can be found here.

Rainbow Six Siege Mute Protocol event

Starting August 4 and scheduled until August 17, Ubisoft’s newest event, Mute Protocol, is a custom Secure Area event taking place in a futuristic-looking tower.

What makes this game mode different from a normal Secure Area match is the ability to Morphen; Attackers can teleport to where they place their drone and move defenders through bulletproof cameras, shaking the way you look at drones and defend rooms. There are also two areas that the attacking team must secure, rather than just one.

There are 41 different operators to choose from, so there is also a nice selection for team constructions.

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