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Rachel Lindsay: Garrett Yrigoyen’s behavior ‘deserves a tough reaction’

She is standing on her ground. Rachel Lindsay explained why she took a firm stand Garrett Yrigoyen amid his controversial statements about the Black Lives Matter movement.

“My words were harsh. It was absolutely loud, but you have to understand where I come from when I say those things, ‘said the former Bachelorette, 35, on Friday, July 31, Instagram Live video. “It is not a one-off thing. It’s not just based on Blue Lives Matter, which I will encourage all people in my comments who want to counter what I say with ‘Blue Lives Matter’, look in that movement and see when it was made and what it was actually made for and against . ‘

She continued, “My comments were tough because I was fighting something really, really hard, so if you think what I said was problematic, you might have to look at why I said it. My words were harsh because I think when you talk and say things that are homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, I think it deserves a tough response. ‘

Rachel Lindsay and Garrett Yrigoyen. Shutterstock; ABC / Craig Sjodin

Lindsay commented that she could no longer avoid the problem. “I’ve been silent for a long time because this isn’t the first time these words have been spoken,” she told fans. “They’ve been spoken for years and years, and I was respectful and chose the higher way, for all those people who said I didn’t. … I’m done with it.”

The reality star ended up encouraging her followers to speak the same way. ‘[When] you double it, I think I can have a hard reaction to that because those things you represent represent hate and that’s what you spread, ”she said.

Earlier this week, Lindsay weighed in on the backlash around Yrigoyen, 31, who was engaged to Lindsay’s “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast cohost Becca Kufrin during season 14 of The bachelorette.

“I think he’s a bit,” she admitted on the July 29 episode of the podcast “Everything Iconic.” “I said to her,” I’m not going to fk with him. “He doubled his faith. This is not the first time that he shows problematic behavior. While in season, he had a history of ‘liking’ things that were racist, sexist, homophobic and Parkland students called child actors, it was a lot, so this is who this guy is. And he’s a piece for me. ‘

The California native made headlines in June when he supported officers during protests against police brutality and racism.

For her part, Kufrin shared her feelings about the ordeal later that month and confessed on the podcast “Bachelor Happy Hour” that she didn’t know where their relationship was: “It’s something we’re trying to work through, discuss and work at home on this moment and there the work will continue and that is really the best thing I can give you right now. ”

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