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Queen Elizabeth’s coffin is moved from Balmoral Castle, beginning its procession.

Queen Elizabeth II’s final journey began on Sunday when her coffin was moved from Balmoral Castle, on the estate where she died, at the start of a six-hour procession to Edinburgh, which will center on Scotland’s farewell to his monarch.

The oak coffin was carried from the castle ballroom to a waiting hearse by six gamekeepers from the Balmoral estate, where the Queen spent her summer vacations and for which she harbored a deep and lasting affection.

With the departure from Balmoral, a remote outpost in the dramatic Scottish countryside, a period in which Britons could pay tribute to the Queen before her funeral on September 19 at Westminster Abbey in London.

Tens of thousands of people were expected to watch the hearse on Sunday as it slowly makes its way from Balmoral, via Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth, before the procession arrives at 4pm at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Edinburgh of the royal family. residence.

The fact that Queen Elizabeth spent her last days in Balmoral underlines her close ties to Scotland, which will be the focal point of national mourning for two days.

When it arrives in Edinburgh, the coffin will be greeted by a guard of honor and received with a royal salute before military bearers will carry it to the throne room of the palace.

On Monday afternoon, members of the royal family are expected to accompany the coffin as it moves along the Royal Mile to nearby St. Giles Cathedral. There, after a religious service, the Queen’s coffin will rest to allow people to pay their respects. It will be flown to London on Tuesday, where Britons will have more opportunity to say goodbye to their Queen before her funeral.

Outside Balmoral, where a steady stream of visitors has been paying their respects since Thursday, benefactors have left bouquets of flowers and messages. In Edinburgh, authorities have erected barriers along the Royal Mile, the route the coffin will travel on Monday between the Palace of Holyroodhouse and St Giles Cathedral.