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Pursue a Degree at the Top MSc Hons Chemistry Colleges in UP

After completing their undergraduate degree in Chemistry Hons, students wish to pursue higher studies which include a degree of Master of Science or a Ph.D. MSc Hons Chemistry Colleges in UP provide the best possible opportunities, experience, and knowledge that could be given to a student.

The Master of Science in Chemistry has a duration of two years at the end of which students receive a postgraduate degree. This postgraduate course is offered by colleges and universities in various specialized fields of science. MSc Chemistry Colleges in Lucknow will help students in getting the chances and opportunities they deserve and are qualified for. 

About Master of Science in chemistry

MSc Hons Chemistry Colleges in UP offers the top education related to this degree. It offers scientific and professional level competency along with advanced practical and theoretical knowledge in the specialized field. Usually, students do their masters in the particular subject that they have studied during their graduation course. Other than chemistry, a Master of Science can be done in any Science subject including botany, biotechnology, food sciences, life sciences, etc. Colleges like Amity School of Applied Sciences at Amity University Lucknow, offer this course with a BSc degree in a relevant stream.

Skills Required

Every field and profession requires a few basic key skills and characteristic features that people should possess for their respective courses/jobs. MSc Chemistry Colleges in Lucknow help students enhance these skills. Students should have patience and determination to learn concepts and apply them properly in appropriate situations. They should be attentive towards details and be accurate to words, observations and calculations. A good combination of analytical and scientific skills along with being a team player and working in tandem with others in the team will help them immensely. They should have excellent observation, problem-solving, and research skills.


This degree has its variation of subjects including a few core courses, specialization elective courses, allied courses, communication skills, etc. Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Introduction to Materials Chemistry, Principles of Organic Synthesis are some of the core courses that are included in this degree. Specialization elective courses include Advanced Quantum Chemistry, Bio-inorganic, and Organometallic Chemistry, Drugs, and dyes. These subjects are a part of the Master of Science in Chemistry degree that is offered at the leading MSc Hons Chemistry Colleges in UP.

Job options 

Students that have graduated from the top MSc Chemistry Colleges in Lucknow have vast opportunities for their careers including jobs at Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Centers, Private Clinics, Laboratories, Medical Colleges, etc. These are the few job profiles that the students can apply to at the top recruiters. Synthetic Lab Scientist, Solid State Chemistry Expert, Content Developer, Chemistry/Biochemistry Research Officer, Research Scientist, Operations Manager, Chemist, Analytical Chemistry Application Scientist. 

These are some of the many job options that students can apply to in the private sector whereas the government sector has its availability of jobs for chemistry postgraduates including Senior Research Associate, Lab Technologist, Research Engineer, Production Supervisor, Warehouse Supervisor, etc.