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Protesters clash with police during Virginia protest

A garbage truck was set on fire when protesters confronted the Virginia, Oregon police during a demonstration with the Virginia police.

olice worked late on Saturday to clear out the crowd of several hundred protesters and declared an “illegal meeting” around 11 pm local time. What appeared to be tear gas was used to disperse the group.

Demonstrators had been planning the demonstration called Richmond Stands With Portland for days, news reports reported, as a clear response to continued tensions between protesters and U.S. agents in the federal courthouse in Oregon’s largest city.

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Police reportedly deployed tear gas (James H Wallace / Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

Weeks of rural turmoil have affected several U.S. cities since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on May 25.

Saturday’s protest in Richmond started in a park, then protesters marched to police headquarters, according to newscasts.

Police tweeted a photo of rocks, batteries, and other items thrown at her officers during the protest, according to the ministry. A video also showed an officer setting fire to a mattress in the middle of a road.

Stained glass windows were also shattered in a Chipotle restaurant and accommodation at Virginia Commonwealth University, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported.