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Project Taara is Alphabet’s initiative to transmit hundreds of terabytes 5 km away

Google may have abandoned its Project Loon, but there is a part of that initiative that still has potential for the future. Se trata del sistema Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) with which the balloons of the original project communicated.

This technology is the basis of the so-called Project Taara, which takes advantage of these optical and wireless communications to achieve something like a fiber connection, but without cable. The distance over which data can be sent reaches 5 km, and the first tests carried out in India or the Republic of the Congo are promising.

How to connect with fiber optic cables, but without the cables

In 20 days the pilot test with a transmitter and a receiver has proven to work remarkably, and they have been transmitted more than 700 TB of data at a distance of about 5 km. This first experiment has also shown a high availability of 99.9%, which poses an interesting alternative to offer internet connections in rural areas.

Tara 1

The different nodes of the network have to have a direct line of sight to each other so that the beam of light that communicates the data can transmit it without problems.

This is the extreme tests that Google's Project Loon balloons undergo

Still these nodes have the ability to adjust your mirrors to connect “A toothpick-width beam of light accurately enough to hit a 5-centimeter target 10 kilometers away.”

The idea is certainly interesting and raises one more alternative to other internet connectivity projects in remote and rural areas.

This initiative, however, seems to have it difficult before the promising Starlink capability and other satellite internet options that seem to be a good answer to that problem.

Via | The Verge