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Premier League Scrooges REFUSE clubs’ permission to raise awareness for Shelter

Premier League Scrooges REFUSE permission for clubs to wear uniforms at home on Boxing Day to raise funds and awareness for the homeless charity shelter

  • Shelter has contacted Premier League clubs to collaborate
  • Homeless charity wanted to raise awareness using Boxing Day props
  • However, the bosses have blocked a plan for local teams to wear the uniforms.

The Premier League has denied clubs permission to wear their away uniforms to home games on Boxing Day in an attempt to raise funds and awareness for a homeless charity.

Sportsmail understands that Shelter, which campaigns to end homelessness and poor housing, has reached out to many of the nine high-level clubs that will host games on December 26 to inform them of its plans to make the games festive. ‘ the annual event where football fights the homeless. ‘

Several members of the group, supporters of the idea, contacted the league to request a green light for the kit change, but sources have revealed that they were stunned when they were told that they would not receive the permit. It is understood that at least one has once again questioned what appears to be an incredibly petty move.

The Premier League has blocked a plan for local clubs to wear away uniforms on Boxing Day.

The Premier League has blocked a plan for local clubs to wear away uniforms on Boxing Day.

Shelter sent an extensive presentation to each of the host clubs in an attempt to garner support in addressing a rapidly growing problem. They were informed that 280,000 people were registered as homeless in England before the pandemic, with more than 130,000 households being homeless since the outbreak began.

Shelter believes that a swap from home jerseys for away jerseys would act as a simple act of solidarity as the nation grapples with a housing emergency and will also ask fans to ditch their home kit to change color.

In a sprawling campaign, called Dark Horses, players will be asked to sign unused home jerseys and auction them off, in what the charity has described as their version of Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. .

Each club will also be asked to highlight specific homeless problems in their own areas and the work Shelter has been doing. Those playing at home are Liverpool, Wolves, Burnley, Manchester City, Norwich, Tottenham, West Ham, Aston Villa and Brighton, while Newcastle host Manchester United on December 27.

Some of that group, including Brighton and Wolves, asked the Premier League for permission but had their application rejected. It is understood that the Spurs are now asking if the top flight is in their right to block the move.

Shelter also wants those at home in the EFL to do the same. It is understood that they have raised no objections. Visiting teams would wear their home uniforms or non-conflicting colors, such as a third strip. The Premier League has been contacted for comment.