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PowerToys 0.20 released with a system wide color picker

Microsoft has released PowerToys 0.20 with three new features and some quality improvements. Today’s release also brings a new screen-wide color picker utility. “Our goals for the 0.20 release cycle were to focus on adding a few new features and a strong focus on stability / quality solutions,” writes Microsoft’s Clint Rutkas. “Between 0.19 and 0.20 releases, we have identified many performance and memory issues with PowerToys Run. The main ones have been added to 0.19.1 and 0.19.2 releases.”

Here are the PowerToys 0.20 release notes

  • Martin Chrzan’s Color picker has been added in! With a fast To win+Shift+C, remove the color from your screen
  • File Explorer – Now able to display SVG icons thanks to Chris Davis
  • FancyZones – you can now stick to any number of zones in FancyZones Shift+Ctrl while dragging a window
  • PT Run – improvements in keyboard interaction
  • PT Run – freshly installed apps are now detected
  • PT Run – Lots of perf and bug fixes
  • Keyboard management – app level shortcuts
    • Example: for Outlook, Remap Ctrl+F to F4 and now Ctrl+F will open the search window 🙂
  • Keyboard Manager – Now the key can be reassigned to the shortcut and key shortcut.
  • Settings – Now OOBE has been improved based on the work done by the Microsoft Garage interns during their hackathon
  • Improvements in PowerRename

For more information, visit GitHub.

Microsoft has released PowerToys v0.19.1 with stability improvements

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