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PlayStation compra BluePoint, creadores de los remakes de ‘Demon’s Souls’ y ‘Shadow of the Colossus’

It had been ruminating for some time, when PlayStation Japan published a tweet from your official account (deleted moments later) that said they had bought BluePoint. Since that tweet no more has been known, until now, since PlayStation has confirmed the purchase of the study.

BluePoint is the studio in charge of the remake of ‘Demon’s Souls’ for PS5, one of the first major console games, and the remake of the acclaimed ‘Shadow of the Colossus’. In the same way, they were in charge of ‘Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection’.

PlayStation continues to add studies

With this purchase, BluePoint becomes part of the PlayStation Studios, where we already find Insomniac o Nauthy Dog, among others. It makes sense that this should be the case, as PlayStation and BluePoint have been working together for years and the remake of ‘Demon’s Souls’ has worked very well.

What can we expect from BluePoint? No more remakes would be strange, but the truth is that the immediate plan is an original game. This has been confirmed by BluePoint and PlayStation in an interview with IGN:

“[…] we are working on original content right now. We can’t talk about what it is, but it is the next step in our evolution. […]. We have that original game development mentality in our hearts, and that is what we are now ready for, finally ready with the support of Sony to push forward and show what we can do, and show what PlayStation can do. “

We will have to wait to see what PlayStation has in hand, but the truth is that the company the PlayStation Studios family is growing on a good basis. Without going any further, in recent months we have witnessed the purchase of Firesprite, Nixxes and Housemarque, creators of ‘Returnal’.

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