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Play EURO 2020 Fantasy Football, build your own team

Pick from Europe’s very best players according to your budget as UEFA EURO 2020 Fantasy Football kicks off – who makes your squad as Fantasy Premier League

UEFA EURO 2020 is fast approaching, and you can get right into the action by playing the EURO Fantasy Football game from UEFA.com, choosing from some of Europe’s best footballers to put together a talented squad. With unlimited transfers before matchday one deadline, don’t delay.

Fantasy managers have € 100 million to spend on a selection of 15 players of their choice. As you can select up to three players from each team, you can make room for some of the biggest stars in world football, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappé, or Harry Kane.

Plus, with such exciting extra features as Wildcard (unlimited free transfers) and Limitless Wildcard (unlimited free transfers, no budget restrictions), careful planning could bring huge benefits!

Key Features

  • 15-man squad
  • Goalkeepers x 2, Defenders x 5, Midfielders x 5, Forwards x 3
  • €100m budget (rising to €105m from a round of 16)
  • Maximum of 3 players per team
  • Two complimentary transfers every matchday in the group stage
  • Substitutions within a matchday
  • Change captain to maximize points total

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EURO 2020 Fantasy Football rules


EURO 2020 Fantasy Football is the game that allows you to choose and manage your own dream team for the tournament. You get points based on the performance of your players in real life.


Match days

EURO 2020 Fantasy Football operates on match days. There are a total of seven match days, which corresponds to the three rounds of play in the group stage, plus the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Football: All you need to know

Picking your squad

Squad Size

To get started, you’ll need to pick a squad of 15 players:

  • Two goalkeepers
  • Five defenders
  • Five midfielders
  • Three forwards


In Fantasy Football, each player in EURO 2020 is assigned a virtual price. You’ll get an initial €100 million to spend on your squad, which rises to €105 million from the round of 16 onwards.

Number of players per team

There’s a limit on how many players you can select from one national team. This limit changes as the tournament progresses.

  • For the group stage, you can pick a maximum of 3 players from the same team
  • For the round of 16, you can choose a maximum of 4players from the same team
  • For the quarter-finals, you can select a maximum of 5 players from the same team
  • For the semi-finals, you can choose a maximum of 6 players from the same team
  • For the final, you can pick a maximum of 8 players from the same team


Managing your squad

Play EURO 2020 Fantasy Football

Picking your starting XI

You must select 11 starters from your roster of 15 players for each match day during the tournament.

You have to save your team before each matchday deadline, which is the start time of the first match on match day.

The players in your starting XI score all your matchday points. If one of your starting players does not play that match day, they are automatically replaced by your substitutes (as long as formation rules are not broken). See the Replacements section for more information.


Play EURO 2020 Fantasy Football

You can choose any line-up for your team as long as you have only one goalkeeper, at least three defenders, at least two midfielders, and at least one attacker in your starting XI.

Select a captain

Each time you save your team, you must choose a captain from your starting XI. That player’s points are doubled for that match day.

Once all matches have ended on the first day of a matchday and before the other matches have started, you can equip your captain or change the captain to another player who has not yet played on the match day. If your original captain didn’t score as many points as you’d like, you have the chance to double the score of another player who you think will do better that match day.

If your captain is not playing on a particular match day and you have not made any substitutions during that match day, your captain will be automatically eliminated. However, his replacement does not receive a double points bonus from the captain.

If your captain does not play on a matchday where you have made other substitutions, your captain will not be eliminated – and neither of your players will score double for that match day.

TIP: Select a captain from a team that plays on the first day of a match day. That way, if he doesn’t score as many points as you would have liked, you can switch from captain to one of your players who play later in the match day.


Manual substitutions

Between matchdays, you can make as many subs within your squad as you like.

After all matches on a single day have finished and before the next games within that matchday kick-off, you can:

  • Sub out a maximum of four players (unless they’ve been sent off), and replace them with any of your substitutes whose teams are yet to play within the matchday. Any players that you sub out will score zero points for that matchday
  • Change your captain to another player from your squad whose team is yet to play. Your original captain’s double-points bonus will be lost, and your new captain’s score for that matchday will be doubled.

Bear in mind that:

  • Once you confirm your subs or change of captain, those changes can’t be reversed
  • Once the games on the final day of the matchday have kicked off, you can’t make changes to your team. Any changes you make will only be applied to the next matchday
  • Once you’ve made manual substitutions or changed your captain within a matchday, they won’t be automatically subbed out if any of your starting XI don’t play in real life. Have a look at the section about automatic substitutions for more information

TIP: Because you can make subs mid-matchday, try picking a squad with a balance of players in action over the various days within the matchday. That way, if your initial players don’t perform, you can sub them out for players you think will have a better chance of getting you more points.

Automatic substitutions

If you don’t make any substitutions or change your captain within a matchday, some of your players might be automatically subbed out.

You can order your substitutes by priority if your starting XI doesn’t play that matchday.

  • If your goalkeeper doesn’t play in a matchday, then your replacement goalkeeper will be substituted in, as long as he has played
  • If any of your starting outfield players don’t play in a matchday, they’ll be automatically subbed out. The player subbed in will be the highest-priority substitute who has played in the matchday and whose substitution doesn’t break formation rules
  • If you switch the priority order of your subs once a matchday has started, that will count as a manual substitution, and no automatic substitutions will kick in for the remainder of that matchday.

Remember that your XI always has to have one goalkeeper, at least three defenders, at least two midfielders, and at least one forward. So, for example, if your starting XI has three defenders and one of those defenders doesn’t play in a matchday, he’ll be subbed out for the highest-priority defender on your bench.

Making transfers


Transferring players in and out of your squad helps you get more points throughout the tournament.

Before EURO 2020 kicks off, you can make as many transfers as you like as long as you stay within the budget. You can also make as many transfers as you want between the group stage and round of 16.

Throughout the competition, you get free transfers each matchday. The number of free transfers you can make depends on the stage of the tournament.

For every transfer you make beyond your quota of free transfers, you’ll have four points


deducted from your points total.

Phase Number of free transfers
Before tournament starts Unlimited
During group stage 2 per matchday
Before round of 16 Unlimited
Before quarter-finals 3
Before semi-finals 5
Before final 5

If you don’t use your free transfers between match days, you can only take one with you to the next match day – meaning you can’t save free transfers across multiple rounds. And once the knockout phase begins, you will no longer be able to receive free transfers between match days.

Potato chips

Chips allow you to make unlimited changes to your team. You will receive two chips, which you can play once during the competition.


The Wildcard gives you the chance to change your team as often as you want. You can make unlimited transfers for free when you play it, and any players you transfer will remain on your team once that match day ends.

The usual rules for automatic substitutions, manual substitutions, and captaincy changes still apply when playing your Wildcard, as do formation restrictions and the number of players you can select from a team.

If you have already made transfers before a matchday and you then play your Wildcard, the transfers you previously created will be canceled, along with any point deductions.

To play your Wildcard, select ‘Activate Wildcard’ and then confirm the transfers you want to make.

This chip can only be used once. Once you have played it, it cannot be canceled.


Limitless gives you the chance to switch teams for just one match day. When you play it you will get unlimited free transfers for that match day with no budget constraints. Once matchday ends, your team will go back to what it was like before you played Limitless.

The normal rules for automatic substitutes, manual substitutions, and changes to the captaincy still apply when playing Limitless, as do restrictions on the formation and the number of players you can select from a team.

If you have already made transfers before a matchday and you are playing Limitless, then the transfers you previously created will be canceled, along with any point deductions.

To play Limitless, select ‘Activate Limitless’ and confirm the transfers you wish to make.

This chip can only be used once. Once you have played it, it cannot be canceled.


Every match day, teams are locked as soon as the first match starts within the matchday off.

Gameweek Deadline
Matchday 1 11 June 21:00 CET
Matchday 2 16 June 15:00 CET
Matchday 3 20 June 18:00 CET
Round of 16 26 June 18:00 CET
Quarter-finals 02 July 18:00 CET
Semi-finals 06 July 21:00 CET
Final 11 July 21:00 CET

Any transfers you make after the deadline will only come into effect for the following matchday.

Scoring points


Throughout EURO 2020, your players will score points based on their real-life performances. Some actions are rewarded the same amount of points regardless of the player’s position; others vary depending on where each player plays.


Action Points
All players
Appearance 1
60 mins on pitch 2
Goals from outside the box 1
Assist 3
Winning a penalty 2
Conceding a penalty -1
Missing a penalty -2
Yellow card -1
Red card -3
Own goal -2
Scoring a goal 6
Saving a penalty 5
Clean sheet* 4
Every 3 saves 1
Every 2 goals conceded -1
Scoring a goal 6
Clean sheet* 4
Every 2 goals conceded -1
Scoring a goal 5
Clean sheet* 1
Scoring a goal 4

*Points only awarded when the player plays at least 60 minutes

Bear in mind that once your points have been calculated, they won’t be adjusted.

Clean sheets

Players receive points for a zero if they play for at least 60 minutes and their team does not concede a goal while on the field.

If a player is already eliminated when their team concedes a goal, it will not affect that player’s clean sheet bonus.

Red cards

If a player is shown a red card, he will still be penalized for goals conceded by his team after being sent off the field.

If a player is shown a yellow card and then a red card, he is only penalized for the red card.

If your captain gets a red card, you can transfer the captain to any of your other starting XI, as long as your new captain has not yet played the match day.

You cannot replace players who receive a red card.



A player receives points for an assist each time he plays the last pass, cross, header or shot that leads to a goal. This also applies to set plays (corners, free kicks and throws).

Players also receive points for an assist if a goal is scored on the rebound when they hit the post, crossbar, goalkeeper or defender.

They also receive points for an assist if their pass, shot or cross leads to an own goal. Players who win a penalty don’t get points for an assist – instead, they get two points for winning the penalty.

Only one player can receive points for an assist for a goal.

When a goal is scored from a solo run or dribble, no player gets the assist.

Played for minutes

To score points for some actions, players must play for at least 60 full minutes. So if your player is substituted in the 60th minute, that will be counted as having played 59 minutes – and he will not get the points for those actions.

Extra time and penalties

Players continue to score points during extra time. However, players cannot score points for penalty shootouts.


Private competitions

Private leagues give you the chance to compete for bragging rights among your friends, family and colleagues.

To create a league, go to ‘Leagues’ and select ‘Create League’. Then invite others to join by sharing the competition code.

You can also reactivate your leagues from the UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football game in the ‘Leagues’ section.

Public competitions

Your team will automatically be included in the following competitions:

  • The overall ranking with all other players around the world
  • A company with other players from your country
  • A competition with other players who support the same EURO 2020 team as you


How do I score points?

There are plenty of ways to score points in EURO Fantasy, but here are some important ones:

Goals (4 points for attackers, 5 for midfielders, 6 for defenders and goalkeepers)

  • Assists (3 points per player)
  • Clean sheets (4 points for keepers and defenders)


A crucial route to crucial points in EURO Fantasy is the ability to switch captains within match days. Just as you can replace players who don’t get the points you hoped for, you can also change captains – and with double points for your captain, that’s an excellent chance to score big.


Do you want to challenge your friends? Why not put up a private league and give them the code that lets you see who is on top? You will also be automatically included in three public leagues: the general ranking, one with other players from your country, and one with other players supporting the same EURO 2020 team as you.