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Planning Critical Role Campaign 3 — how to watch and when

The day is finally here…

Our favorite D&D players are back and will immerse us in a new setting and story! Sure, you’ll be waiting there with anticipation, but maybe you’re not quite sure how to watch the first episode. It’s no secret that Campaign 3 welcomes all kinds of new people to watch the show. So if you’re not too clear on how to watch the show, where to watch it, and when that’s what I’m here for!

Critical Role Campaign 3 debut
Is it already… Thursday?

Episode 3 of Campaign 3 debuts for viewers in America on October 21 at:

PT: 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Episode 3 of Campaign 3 will debut on October 22 for viewers in Europe:

GMT: 03:00 – 07:00

After that, it’s the same time every Thursday/Friday, depending on where you are!

You can also find a countdown here!


Where can you watch Critical Role?
You have two main options. You can either watch it live on their Twitch channel or watch the reruns on Twitch. Or you can watch the full episode the following Monday when it airs on their YouTube channel.

It is worth remembering that the episodes are no longer “live” in the sense that they are being recorded live.

During most of last year, most games were pre-recorded. Unlike the previous live twitch sessions. Travis Willingham gave their rationale for preferring pre-recorded sessions over life. He explained that it allows them to continue their security measures against the ongoing pandemic and that it ensures a healthy mind.

They are not pressured to be there on time, they can take it a lot easier. After all, multiple cast members have families to care for outside of Dungeons & Dragons! And while the majority of the fandom is supportive and loving, there is a small – but vociferous – part of the fandom that can cause a lot of stress for the cast.

Sometimes these are people who spam the live chats after one of the players did something they disagreed with during the session while it was still alive. For these various reasons, campaign 3 will be pre-recorded until further notice.

Still, waiting?
Meanwhile, while you eagerly await the debut, you can prepare. You can read this article I wrote, which summarizes what to expect from Campaign 3.

If you haven’t seen the gang’s new set yet, you can check it out here:

If you are new or just need a summary of the world of Exandria, you can watch this video: