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Pixel Pass, leaked: Google’s apparent response to Apple One includes even a Pixel mobile

If everything goes as scheduled, on October 19 we will meet the new Google Pixel 6, or rather, the new Google Pixel 6, since two models are expected, one standard and one Pro. There is not much left and the leaks (massive, as often happens when we talk about Google mobiles) have not been slow to happen.

The two terminals have been leaked to almost the smallest detail and, according to the most recent leaks, it seems that they will not be alone. And it seems that Google is also working on an answer for Apple One, Apple’s service that includes music, cloud storage, Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, whose name would be Pixel Pass.

All Google mobile services in one subscription

The leakage comes from M. Brandon Lee, which ensures that Google’s retail partners have a draw event associated with the Google Pixel 6. In the documents that you claim to have had access to and that you have posted on your Twitter account, makes mention of Pixel Pass, a service that is described as follows:

“Pixel Pass is a monthly subscription that addresses all the needs of the mobile user from start to finish.”

This subscription includes a Pixel mobile with “the promise of regular updates”, Google key services (Google One, Play Pass, YouTube Premium and connection via Google Fi) and an extended warranty. In this way, the user would pay a monthly fee in exchange for having:

  • A mobile.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Free bar of applications and games.
  • YouTube without ads and access to YouTube Music.
  • Internet connection via Google Fi.

It is, as is obvious, a response to the Apple One service, which includes more or less the same (except mobile and Internet connection). However, the slide mentions that users will be able to join Pixel Pass via Google Fi or Google Store, which suggests that it is more than likely that the Pixel Pass is something unique to the US market.

In fact, it is expected that the Google Pixel 6 will not arrive in Spain, so it is possible that Pixel Pass doesn’t either. If it did, in addition, it would be expected that it did not include either the terminal or the connection through Google Fi. The rest of the mentioned services (Google One, Play Pass and YouTube Premium) are available in our borders. It should be noted that the leak does not mention the price, so it is not something that should be analyzed at this time.