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Pixel Pass is Google’s renting: a monthly subscription to have the latest Pixel and access to its Premium services

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are already with us, but they do not arrive alone: ​​together with them we have the new Pixel Pass service, which was leaked a few days ago and is the answer to the Apple One service that combines a hardware subscription with one to various services.

In the case of Google, Pixel Pass will allow that by paying a monthly fee we have access to a Pixel 6 or a Pixel 6 Pro, but also to Google One, already services like YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. This ‘renting’ service is currently available in the United States.


New mobile every two years

The service allows you to pay a monthly subscription that is available in two variants: with the 45 dollars per month users will get a Pixel 6. With the $ 55 you will get a Pixel 6 Pro.

Pixel6 2

In both cases, access to services will be the same. To start with, the subscription includes an extra year of warranty which is added to the year offered by the manufacturer.

The services included are Google One cloud storage (with 200 GB capacity), and access to YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Pass.

The service competes with Apple’s proposal, but while in the latter the mobile is renewed every year, in the Google program We do not renew mobile every year, but every two.

Yes indeed: after those two years the device is completely yours, but the terms of service indicate that if you cancel the plan before those two years you will have to pay what is left of the price without discounts applied. The renewal of the program after two years can also mean a change in the monthly fee.

The Pixel Pass program is only available in the United States, and no details or estimated dates of their arrival in other regions are known.

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