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‘Pixel 5a’ is first mentioned in AOSP and just days before the rumored Pixel 4a reveal

The Pixel 4a is expected to be one of 2020’s most anticipated mid-range models, and it looks like Google won’t be ready with its crop of affordable smartphones by 2021. With only a few days left for the Pixel 4a to be unveiled on August 3, the Pixel 5a is first mentioned, so here are all the details you wanted to know.

Code change in AOSP also lists a 5G-ready version of the Pixel 4a

The mention of the upcoming Pixel 5a was seen thanks to a code change in the Android Open Source Project, where 9to5Google reports that three device names have already been spotted to arrive later this year. First is the Pixel 4a, then comes the 5G-ready version of the Pixel 4a and of course the Pixel 5, which is said to be Google’s flagship for 2020.

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Next comes the Pixel 5a, although the disappointing thing about this leak is that it doesn’t mention what kind of hardware it will run on. Google is unlikely to use its own custom silicon for this model, despite rumors that it is working closely with Korean giant Samsung to develop a homemade processor for its smartphones. It is possible that this custom solution will be made for the Pixel 6 first, then less powerful versions of these chips could eventually run in more affordable handsets.

For the time being, it is very likely that Google will remain with Qualcomm. The chipset manufacturer and its executives are likely to debrief the press about the upcoming Snapdragon 875, and perhaps a slightly more powerful variant of the flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 875G. In addition, Qualcomm may announce more affordable but less powerful chipsets, and we think it will be the 2021 Pixel 5a.

Unfortunately, this is all the information we have for you right now, but stay here and we will have more updates for you in the future.

News Source: 9to5Google

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