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Pirates-Twins game slowed down by … a drone?

If the Pirates of Twins are looking for a new outfielder, they may have one.

The Pirates vs. Match Tuesday afternoon twins in Minnesota were delayed, not because of a bad or or bees, a cat, a squirrel, or some other living animal, but because of a drone hovering over the Target Field outfield.

FAGAN: MLB should go all-in by 2020 with weird rules

To attempt to knock the four-prop drone onto its electronic rear, players in both bullpens attempted to hit the device with baseballs.

Baseball is weird enough in 2020 with no fans, well, fake fans in the stands, front row players with support boards, a lot of injuries and, oh, a minor pandemic. It is well. It’s all fine. If the coronavirus doesn’t derail the MLB season, a small drone won’t.

A drone appeared in Fenway Park in a 2019 game between the Red Sox and Blue Jays, but between innings. It doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt either.

The identified flying object disappeared into the lower abdomen of Target Field and the players took to the field. Play ball.

Something tells me the nerds at Statcast are behind this. (Well, maybe not.)

The whereabouts of Trevor Bauer and Matt Hardy are unknown in the press.

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