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Philips teams up with Spotify so that all Hue lights can be a music visualizer in sync with songs

Philips Hue are the most complete smart bulbs to add a touch of color to the house. And as of today they have a new function that allows you to adapt the color to the sound of the music. Signify, the company behind Philips Hue, has announced several new models, from a light bar to be placed near the TV to new, more efficient and brighter bulbs.

For users who already have a Philips Hue bulb there is also news. Through an alliance with Spotify, users will be able to link their Philips Hue with the Spotify account and turn the lighting into a viewer equivalent of the songs, dancing as the song progresses.

Leveraging Spotify Metadata to Get Good Synchronization

Philips SpotifyPhilips Spotify

As of today, September 1, this new function is available in an ‘early access’. After a few weeks in beta, it is anticipated that by October is available openly to all Philips Hue users who have a Spotify account and have a compatible Philips Hue Bridge or light bulb.

This alliance is mainly based on access by Philips Hue to the metadata of Spotify songs, which will allow it to have a few milliseconds of advantage and to be able to send the order to the light in advance so that the synchronization is ideal.

Philips songsPhilips songs

Philips explains that this feature will be available both for Spotify Premium users as well as Spotify Free users. In the latter case, when an ad appears, Philips Hue will display a default pattern.

Usually to get a music visualizer you need an external hardware device that “listens” what is playing and adapts the light. In this case, the synchronization is achieved through the cloud, based on that alliance between the two companies. Yes you will need a Philips Hue Bridge or one of the new bulbs that can connect to the application and to these servers.

Matter is born: this is the standard promoted by Google, Apple and Amazon to connect home devices under the same platform

The Philips app will allow users to tailor the lighting effects. In case of leaving it synchronized with Spotify, they will dance according to the musical genre, the volume and the tempo of each song.