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Philips OLED + 986 and OLED + 936: the new flagship televisions debut OLED panels with more brightness and proprietary sound from Bowers & Wilkins

Philips shows all his letters on television. After presenting its MiniLED models at the beginning of the year, we already have with us its true flagship models for this 2021: the new Philips OLED + 986 and Philips OLED + 936, with the best technology in the house through its new image processor, the use of OLED panels with 20% more brightness and the inclusion of an advanced sound system from Bowers & Wilkins.

Philips OLED + 986 and OLED + 936 data sheet

Philips OLED + 986

Philips OLED + 936





65 inches

48/55/65 inch


P5 5ªgen ‘AI Intelligent Dual Picture Engine’

P5 5ªgen ‘AI Intelligent Dual Picture Engine’


AI Machine Learning Sharpness, AI Smart Bit Enhancement 2.0, clasificación de contenidos, Fast Motion Clarity

AI Machine Learning Sharpness, AI Smart Bit Enhancement 2.0, clasificación de contenidos, Fast Motion Clarity


Four-sided Ambilight technology

Four-sided Ambilight technology


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting


Dolby Vision, HDR10+ Adaptative, HLG, HDR10

Dolby Vision, HDR10+ Adaptative, HLG, HDR10

Operating system

Android TV 10

Android TV 10


HDMI 2.1, eARC, VRR, ALLM, FreeSync Premium

HDMI 2.1, eARC, VRR, ALLM, FreeSync Premium


Altavoces Bowers & Wilkins, Tweeter-on-Top, conos Continuum y drivers Dolby Atmos ‘Elevation’

Altavoces Bowers & Wilkins


4.999 euros

2.199 euros (48″)

2.699 euros (55″)

3.799 euros (65″)

Aiming for the top with world-class specs

The Philips OLED + 986 and OLED + 936 models share many of their characteristics, being the main difference in the sound system used, where the 986 relies on a vertical stand and a complete sound bar to try and deliver the highest level of sound.

The first TV will only be available in 65 inches, with a 4K OLED panel. For its part, the OLED + 936 will be available in 48, 55 and 65 inches, this being the great model that the company will mark as a rival to beat by the rest of the manufacturers.

Philips Oled 986 5

One of the first novelties is found in the use of new OLED panels, with up to 20% more shine and a new array of microlenses. TP-Vision, the company behind the Philips brand in TV, does not specify which models they are, but predictably they are the new ‘Evo’ panels from LG Display. Panels that provide a great experience, as we have already seen in televisions such as the LG OLED Evo G1 or the Sony A90J.

To complement the latest generation panel, Philips presents its fifth generation of the P5 processor. This year includes AI algorithms to include a new film detection mode and can be combined with the ambient light sensor to adapt the image. With ‘AI Smart Bit Enhancement 2.0’, ‘AI Machine Learning Sharpness’ and ‘Perfect Natural Reality’ features promise to remove banding from low quality content, improve local sharpness and enhance the lights and color of non-HDR sources.

Calibration of Philips panels can be adapted through compatibility with CaIman software. It also has Filmmaker mode and support for today’s leading HDRs, from Dolby Vision to HDR10 + Adaptive.

Philips Oled 986 3Philips Oled 986 3

The 2021 models add the anti-aging screen technology introduced in the OLED + 935 model, as well as motion smoothness technology with 120 Hz ‘Black Frame’ insert.

Ambilight It is the most recognizable Philips technology and how could it be otherwise, it will also be available in the new OLED +, on all four sides.

At the gaming level, the OLED + models from 2021 come with HDMI 2.1 and its full specification, both with e-ARC, a rate of 48 Gbps, as well as VRR and ALLM. According to the technical data offered by Philips, these new OLEDs have a latency of only 11 ms. At the operating system level, Android TV in version 10 will be the one that will allow us to browse the contents.

Regarding materials, Philips OLED + TVs have a micro-mesh grille, next to the Kvadrat TV on the top of the box. Very careful materials for two televisions that are clearly located in the most premium segment of the manufacturer.

Philips Oled 986 1Philips Oled 986 1

The sound signed by Bowers & Wilkins is another of the star sections. The 936 features a 3.1.2 system and a lower soundbar with three tweeters, new voice coils for four mid-range drivers, and new profile cones for the units. Dolby Atmos.

The OLED + 986 model has a rigid case, with a new frame and three 100mm mid / bass drivers, featuring proprietary Continuum cone technology for the first timeused by Bowers & Wilkins in their most advanced products for years.

"Others came before OLED, but being the first does not mean being the best", interview with Kostas Vouzas (CEO of Philips TV Europe)

Versions and price of OLED + 986 and OLED + 936

The Philips OLED + 986 will be available in Spain in October at a price of 4,999 euros, in 65 inches. For its part, the OLED + 936 will be available in October in the 48 and 55-inch versions for 2,199 and 2,699 euros respectively. In the case of the 65-inch model, it will arrive in November at a price of 3,799 euros.