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Phil Spencer thanks PC Community for its support, saying there is more work to be done

Over the years, Microsoft’s Head of Gaming Phil Spencer made several comments about the increased focus on PC gaming, which started in 2016 when Microsoft decided to transfer all of its exclusive Xbox One titles to PC along with the brand new Xbox Play Anywhere cross-sale and cross-progression function.

It didn’t go smoothly from the start, and Spencer had to apologize for Quantum Break’s troubling PC launch, explaining that Microsoft had to relearn how to ship PC games.

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Even as of June 2018, Spencer still had to blame for earlier mistakes from Microsoft (such as the dreaded and now defunct Games for Windows Live platform), stating that Microsoft had previously disrespected the PC gaming audience. However, he vowed he would do better and the results are finally under everyone’s control.

Last year, he proudly announced Xbox Game Pass for PC, as well as the long-awaited comeback of Microsoft titles on the Steam platform. Microsoft is now even releasing games to PC first, such as Gears Tactics and the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will come to Xbox at a later date.

In fact, several titles published by Xbox Game Studios perform very well on Steam, from Sea of ​​Thieves to Gears Tactics, from Grounded to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In light of it all, Spencer recently thanked the PC community for sticking to Microsoft as it transitioned to its new vision of a unified PC, Xbox and soon to be xCloud gaming ecosystem. Spencer also said there is more work to be done.

I wanted to thank the community for the support on PC. We have made such statements a few times over the years and the skeptical responses are well deserved. More work to do, but the support we see now through the @ XboxGamePassPC and @ Steam team is really great, thanks.

Hopefully that includes the right mod support.

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