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Peter Thomas of RHOA says he got coronavirus from taking selfies with fans

Get through. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas confirmed his positive coronavirus diagnosis and blamed Bravo fans for giving him COVID-19 when describing his “excruciating” experience.

“Of course I’m in bed. I’ve been in bed for the past eight days now, ‘the reality star told fans in a clip titled’ COVID-19 has me ‘ via Instagram on Sunday, August 2. “I was negative five times [and] for the sixth time I was positive. ‘

Thomas, 58, urged people to “ wear your mask, wear gloves, practice social distance. ”

Thanks to Peter Thomas / Instagram

“People come up to me and ask me to take pictures all the time, and they want me to have the mask off and they want to hug me because they say they like me,” said the owner of Bar One in Miami Beach and noticed it was during one of the cases that he thinks he got sick. “I take those photos and every time I take those photos I pray to God I don’t understand these things, but it caught up with me.”

Miami native who was married Cynthia Bailey between 2010 and 2017, explained that his COVID-19 battle was not easy.

RHOA Peter Thomas says taking selfies led to his COVID-19 diagnosis
Peter Thomas Arnold Turner / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

“It’s the most unbearable thing I can think of,” he said. “My stomach has been a complete wreck for the past eight days. I have to keep my body constantly hydrated. I have no appetite, diarrhea, vomiting. ‘

The Bravo personality said he should celebrate because although he is sick, he is not one of the ‘260 people who die every day’ in Miami due to the virus.

The Florida Department of Health confirmed 4,752 additional cases of coronavirus on Monday, bringing the state’s known total to 491,884, Miami Herald reported. The death toll in the state is now 7,157, according to the outlet.

“I’m celebrating because I’m still alive,” Thomas told his fans. “I want you to take this extremely seriously, because it’s no joke. The pain doesn’t go away. Your body is extremely sensitive. I can’t wait for this to be over. ‘

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