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People are dying as a result of false information spread on Facebook. – Joe Biden

The propagation of Covid-19 disinformation on social media, according to US President Joe Biden, is “killing people.”

He was responding to a reporter’s query about “platforms like Facebook” allegedly distributing incorrect information about vaccines and the epidemic.


The White House is putting more pressure on social media companies to combat misinformation.


Facebook is taking “strong action” to protect public health, according to the company.


Mr. Biden told reporters at the White House on Friday, “They’re killing people.” “We only have one epidemic, and it’s among the unvaccinated.”

Officials in the United States have warned that the recent rise in Covid-19 deaths and infections is mostly affecting unvaccinated communities.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said earlier on Friday that Facebook and other platforms were not doing enough to prevent vaccine misinformation.

“Obviously, they’ve made steps,” she explained.

“It’s obvious that there’s a lot more that can be done. “Kevin McAlister, a spokesman for Facebook, said the business will “not be sidetracked by charges that aren’t backed by facts.

“We’ve eliminated over 18 million pieces of Covid disinformation [and] accounts that break these rules on a regular basis,” the business stated in a separate statement.