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‘PC Building Simulator’ is free in Epic Games: the game in which it is possible to build a PC with a next-gen graphics

That mounting a PC with a new generation graphics is complicated is no secret. The chip shortage results in a lack of stock that makes getting a new NVIDIA RTX or Radeon RX (at normal prices) a difficult task. In video games, however, things are very different.

And it is that in ‘PC Building Simulator’ it is possible get all kinds of components to assemble our virtual computer. It is a game that normally costs about 20 euros, but during this week it can be downloaded for free in the Epic Games Store. Like all promotions of this type, once added to our library it will be ours forever.

A PC game to build a PC

PC Building SImulator
PC Building SImulator

‘PC Building’ simulator is not just a simulator of building computers. Has its own “story mode” in which we will start by repairing a PC infected with a virus and from there we will go up to get better parts, set up our own PC assembly and repair company, etc.

In addition, the title of The Irregular Corporation has a free mode that allows us to mount our PC as we want. We can choose the box and all the components of the computer, including that RTX 3080 that is so difficult to get today. The same applies to liquid cooling, RGB lighting, and even the BIOS, which allows us to see how the PC would behave if we overclocked it.

The game has official licenses of a good handful of brands, such as Corsair, BeQuiet, RoG, EVGA, Aorus, Intel, Gigabyte, MSI, NVIDIA, NZXT, SteelSeries, or ZOTAC. Once we have assembled it, we can put it to the test in 3DMark (within the game, of course) and see how far our computer goes.

Screenshot 2021 10 08 145403
Screenshot 2021 10 08 145403

Here if there is stock of the RTX 3080.

Beyond the game, which can be fun, it is interesting in that it is designed to teach less advanced users to mount a PC. It includes step-by-step instructions and explanations on the order in which the pieces should be placed and what each one does.

The price of the game is 19.99 euros, but until next Thursday it can be obtained for free in the Epic Games Store. Weighs about five gigas and it should be noted that it is not the full game, as it does not include the DLCs with workshops and the ESports expansion.