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Panasonic’s New “Headphones” For Gamers Sit On The Shoulders And Promise Immersive Sound

Panasonic has introduced a new headset, or rather a sound bar. A special one, because instead of placing it on a table sits on the wearer’s shoulders. Around the neck and with four speakers, it promises ergonomics and 360-degree surround sound. Let’s see what characteristics the Panasonic SoundSlayer WIGSS.

The Panasonic SoundSlayer WIGSS has been presented during this Gamescom 2021. As such, it is a product designed especially for gamers, that you can spend hours in front of a game console. These long times can make wearing headphones annoying, hence the idea of ​​”placing the sound” on the shoulders and not the ears.

More immersive games thanks to Panasonic SoundSlayer WIGSS

According to Panasonic, the SoundSlayer WIGSS has been designed in collaboration with video game developer Square Enix (creators of titles like ‘Final Fantasy’). From this collaboration a device has emerged specifically designed to generate immersive sound for the user who wears it. It has three game modes and two different extras that adjust the audio to make it as realistic as possible:

  • Role mode: Designed to create surround sound that gives the sensation that the player is in the virtual world.
  • Modo shooter: For action and shooting games, allowing you to hear subtle sounds and where they come from.
  • Voice mode: Enhance voices so that dialogue is heard more clearly and dialogue is understood better.
  • Cinema mode: To improve the audio when watching movies or series.
  • Music mode: Enhances the clarity of instruments and voices when listening to music.

What’s inside this soundbar? In the hardware section we find four full-range speakers. Working in sync, they allow the user to create the sensation of surround sound. The device is charged by USB-A and is compatible with practically any type of console or device when using USB or jack connection.

El Panasonic SoundSlayer WIGSS will be available in October this year, they have not specified exactly in which countries or regions. Its price? According to The Verge, it will be $ 199.99 in the United States, therefore probably around 200 euros in Europe.

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This idea from Panasonic not really new at all. Already in 2016, those of LG launched something similar to the market and later we saw the alternative proposed by Sony.

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