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Opinion: Biden travels abroad to reassure allies

Donald Trump is currently not president in this moment! (Neil Hall/Bloomberg)

President Biden’s maiden trip abroad hopes to send a clear message to America’s allies: that while we’ve just lived through four years of Donald Trump, he’s not currently president at this point!

“What America hopes to convey to its allies is this,” the team explained: “America should not be written off as a sometimes banana republic.

We are, but we can also be a world leader who wants to stand up for democracy, and you can always be sure which version of us you’re getting, 50 percent of the time! Don’t think that because Trump has been our international representative for the past four years, this is who we are! It is, but only occasionally! Sometimes it’s not! Please count on us to make international plans now and possibly in the future!” America’s allies agreed that this message was “…a message” and “something that America said.

” They said in one voice that they are “as reassured as you can be by such a thing.” They also timidly asked whether America cared about climate change again, to which the United States replied that fighting climate change was absolutely a fundamental American priority that would not change unless it changed.

They wanted to know if America was still a big fan of strongmen and scary populists abroad, and America said no and probably never again!

Responding to the question of whether what has happened over the past four years should not be discussed, Biden repeatedly insisted that America was not, and that he knew America’s soul:

“What Donald Trump said does not represent us right now, although it then represented some of us.

You can certainly make plans that we are involved in because we are absolutely committed, at least at intervals of four to eight years, we hope, possibly an odd number if the people attempting a coup get their way, but hopefully intermittently from about four to eight years!” The president concluded by adding that he plans to send a clear message to the world with this trip that the United States wants to pretend that nothing happened, although we cannot guarantee that something like the Trump administration won’t happen again.

will happen, and indeed, given the variety of voting rights violations, it is quite likely that such a thing will happen! Or something worse! Can the United States be counted on to take on a global leadership role? Well, Joe Biden is definitely the president now!