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OnlyFans backs down and suspends new ban on uploading sexually explicit content

After OnlyFans announced a few days ago that sexually explicit content would be banned from the platform as of October 1, the company has just made public that has suspended the policy change. The company has not yet announced that it has been canceled, so we have to wait to see what they announce definitively.

From OnlyFans they mention that they have “obtained the necessary guarantees to support its diverse community of creators“The turn of the wheel comes hours after Tim Stokely, founder of the platform, blamed the banks for an” unfair “treatment.” We had to change the policy because we had no other option, “he mentioned in an interview.

The company appreciates that the creators have made themselves heard

In the tweet where he announced the suspension of the controversial policy, OnlyFans thanked “everyone for making their voice heard.” Is about a response to the great controversy that the original decision unleashed among the creators, denouncing having felt used by the company and abandoned in regards to continuing to do their job.

They also mention that “they will continue to provide a home for all creators.” The fact that they talk about having obtained the necessary guarantees and that they talk in the future about continuing to be “home” hints that there will be a new policy that beyond suspending, essentially modify the previous one, but at the moment there is nothing official.

Some creators had begun to move towards rival platforms of OnlyFans, such as Fansly. From practically the moment of the announcement, Google searches on this platform skyrocketed, although it is still very far from those of OnlyFans.

Since the founder of OnlyFans has blamed the banks for what has happened to him, It is expected that the company will announce news about payment systems and their management. We will update the news when we get more news.