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NVIDIA hopes to acquire an arm over the next few weeks

Last week, news surfaced that the graphics processing unit (GPU), designer NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) was interested in acquiring British semiconductor designer Arm Ltd. Arm, which is currently owned by the Japanese conglomerate Softbank Corp., which is responsible for laying the foundation of central processing units in smartphones and other environments. Softbank acquired Arm for $ 32 billion in 2016, and it is said that the bank is interested in liquidating its property in the design house.

Now, following the previous Bloomberg report, the publication is back today with another one report suggesting that talks between the two companies have continued.

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NVIDIA is now the only party interested in obtaining Arm Reveals Report as it & Softbank wants to speed up the process

Contrary to last week’s report, which claimed that multiple companies were interested in acquiring the British design house, it is now being revealed that NVIDIA is the only party currently interested in going the full mile with the acquisition of Arm. The details show that both parties are interested in completing the entire process in the coming weeks, and NVIDIA’s exclusivity in the affair is not final, while Softbank is also reportedly considering other options if talks with the GPU designer go through .

In addition, while both NVIDIA and Softbank are eager for a quick deal, the negotiations are far from concrete, as they hold the potential to break up on this issue, Bloomberg’s sources believe. Softbank Cupertino tech giant Apple Inc has also been approached by Softbank for the acquisition, but the company has shown no interest in continuing with the deal.

Negotiations for the deal come at a time when economies around the world are reeling from the devastating coronavirus pandemic. Softbank is both in muddy waters and has actively dealt with outrageous startups in its portfolio.

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Aside from NVIDIA, today’s report does not list any other companies that are as interested in taking over Arm as the GPU designer. Arm’s designs are at the heart of billions of gadgets around the world, with high-profile tech names like Apple, Qualcomm, and Huawei leveraging the Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) for their products. Qualcomm’s entire portfolio of smartphone processors leverages Arm’s intellectual property, with the same for both Apple and Huawei.

Apple plans to go a step further as it has publicly announced plans to announce a MacBook notebook running on a central processing unit (CPU) using Arm IP. The move is widely seen as a threat to Intel Corporation, whose processors have appeared on low- and high-end notebooks since 2006 – when Apple made the switch from International Business Machines (IBM) PowerPC processors that also feature on the RISC ISA were based.

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Another option for Arm, if the deal with NVIDIA falls apart, is to list himself for an IPO (IPO). Softbank’s decision to divest the chip designer seems final, and an IPO will be one of the few options the conglomerate will have to remove another company from its portfolio.

NVIDIA has recovered all of its lost stock market value after the devastating crash earlier this year. The company’s decision to expand its products to cater to the lucrative data center business has benefited well and also hopes to gain a firm foothold in the auto industry looking for products that enable self-driving cars. This market has sparked interest from other tech giants, including Qualcomm Incorporated, Tesla Inc, and even Amazon, who took over autonomous driving startup Zoox late last month for a reported price tag of $ 1.2 billion.

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