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Nreal Air are the new augmented reality glasses that do not look like augmented reality glasses: this is its discreet design

The Nreal brand has presented its new Nreal Air smart glasses. Glasses that promise an augmented reality and high-tech experience in the most discreet glasses. With a not bulky design, these glasses easily go unnoticed as if they were normal.

The glasses have a modest design without any camera on the front as for example with those of Facebook or Snapchat. The frames and side rods are also not notable for their excessive thickness. The weight of the entire product, as its name implies, is ridiculous, just 77 grams.

The lenses of the glasses are where we find much of the technology of these Nreal Air. They are tinted lenses that promise users a virtual screen equivalent to 201 inches considering how close it is to the eye. The micro-OLED panel has a 90 Hz refresh rate and offers up to 49 PPD.

Your Everyday Air

More to watch videos than interact with the environment

Nreal previously released the Nreal Light model on the market. It also came to Spain from the hand of Vodafone. After experiments with these glasses, the brand indicates that they have realized that users mainly look for augmented reality glasses to consume content. Therefore, with the Nreal Air they have focused exclusively on that.

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The Nreal Air glasses will be compatible with most Android and iOS devices. Essentially they are designed to view audiovisual content in them, so we can forget to interact live with the real environment. There is no tracking or 3D mapping, they are rather a (discrete) screen to watch videos that are sent from the mobile phone.


The absence of the front camera Nreal has taken advantage of it to show it as an advantage. They indicate that they are glasses that are totally respectful of privacy, by not allowing recording in any way without consent to others. This has been faced by other companies in the past such as Google with Google Glass or Facebook recently. Usually an LED is added that indicates when it is recording, although it is not quite convincing.

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The glasses will first arrive in South Korea, Japan and China in December this year. Later they will expand to more markets. Of course, for the moment they have not wanted to indicate at what price they will do it, but promise it will be “the price of a mid-range smartphone” and less than the Nreal Light, which were sold for 576 euros in Spain.

Via | Ars Technica