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No house without its wind wall: this concept wants to bring clean energy to all homes and electric vehicles

Wind is a wonderful source of energy. It blows at all hours (not like the sun, which hides at night) and can do it in every corner with more or less intensity. But the wind turbines that we are used to seeing are windmills with large blades, built far from large cities. What if there were a better way to harness wind energy even in corners within cities?

A wall that can provide energy on a small and large scale

That is what Joe Doucet stands for, a designer who has presented the concept of a wind turbine wall that you can see in the video above. In it there are 25 axes with several blades that move with the wind, generating electricity that can be carried to an electric vehicle or to a household battery that powers a house. The blades would be exposed, but they would not be dangerous. “A child could stop them by hand,” says the designer on YouTube.

The size of the device is 2.4 x 7.6 meters, so that a good entrance in the house would be needed to be able to place it. Anyway, Doucet also sees these walls dividing parking spaces into large outdoor areas, serving as walls in large buildings or as walls on motorways that would take advantage of the wind generated by the vehicles themselves passing at full speed.

On paper, this “wind wall” can generate 27kWh per day. It can be a good help to save money by charging the car, or a support for the energy consumption of the home. On a large scale it could make large buildings self-sufficient, although at the moment it is only on a theoretical level.

The biggest obstacle to making this wind wall a reality is the materials. They must be cheap and they must be lightweight, so that they can rotate with the wind easily. We will see if it finally comes to fruition, but inventions like this implemented on a large scale could cover a good part of the present and future energy demand. For now, Doucet has already revealed that there is interest and that he is interviewing companies that could start testing.