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Newcastle: Graeme Jones confirms to take over Premier League clash in Brighton

Graeme Jones confirms that he will take over the Newcastle clash in Brighton for the third straight game as the club faces former Bournemouth coach Eddie Howe, who could attend the match at Amex Stadium.







Graeme Jones will remain in charge of Newcastle at Brighton on Saturday, but the interim manager has backed the imminent arrival of “intense and elite” Eddie Howe.

The former Bournemouth manager has reached an agreement in principle to become the club’s new manager and will be in the stands at Amex Stadium, should his appointment be confirmed in the next 24 hours.

Jones, however, will lead the team after a full week of preparation, as they compete for their first victory of the Premier League season.

Graeme Jones will remain in interim charge of Newcastle's clash against Brighton

Graeme Jones will remain in interim charge of Newcastle’s clash against Brighton

He worked with Howe’s staff in Bournemouth before leaving for Newcastle in January. That included coaches Stephen Perches, Jason Tindall and Simon Weatherstone, who will be part of the revamped back room at Tyneside.

And Jones said, ‘I know your method of work. It is a high tempo football, attacking with momentum. They are also very pragmatic and pay attention to looking off the ball, because you are only as good as you defend.

“His sessions were innovative, thought-provoking and detailed. It was Jason, Stephen, and Simon, but I imagine the job came together with Eddie Howe.

So I have a good idea what they represent. If they come in, I know it was an elite job. ‘

Of Howe, Jones added: ‘Eddie has handled 550 games, 200 in the Premier League. He is 43 years old and has a lot of experience.

If it’s Eddie, I know he lives for the game and it’s his whole life. If you think you can come to Newcastle and do it part time, you are wrong. It requires every ounce you have. He is intense and has an exceptional experience in the Premier League. ‘

Jones has also welcomed Howe’s expected presence in Brighton, as he said: ‘It could give the players a boost. They would like to impress the new man, that is human nature.

“I would like to think that they would do it first and foremost for the club. They have their own standards. But I don’t think it can hurt the situation. ‘