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‘New World’ has been a success: Amazon’s MMO surpasses 700,000 simultaneous players (despite huge queues to play)

‘New World’ was the latest bullet from Amazon Games. After the disastrous launch and subsequent cancellation of ‘Crucible’, all eyes were on ‘New World’, an MMO that, after several delays, has turned out to be a success on launch day. Just yesterday, the new Amazon title surpassed 700,000 simultaneous players.

However, and as if it were the launch day of ‘WoW Classic’, such a number of players trying to access the game (not playing), together with servers that proved not to be enough for the interest generated, caused many people hours and hours will be spent in front of a screen that said “Position in queue: 16,384”.

A hit on Twitch that was impossible to access

The European servers opened at 8:00 a.m. peninsula on September 28. On this first day of release ‘New World’ exceeded 700,000 concurrent players (if we stick to the SteamDB data, we are talking about 707,230 players exactly) and 925,000 simultaneous viewers on Twitch (where some streamers are giving away skins).

In numerical terms the game has been a success. However, at the access level things have been completely different. Within the game there are several servers (available here). Kor is one of the servers designed for Spanish and English speaking users and yesterday, around 7:00 p.m., the situation on this server was as follows.

As of this writing, at 11:20 on September 29, the situation is much better, with the most populated servers with about 2,000 queued users. It may seem like little, but the queue moves slowly and requires us to arm ourselves with patience to gain access.

New World Servers
New World Servers

List of most populated servers in ‘New World’.

Ideally, players should access the server where they will always play, while the character is linked to that server. If we enter a more empty server, we level up and then we want to play with our character on another server that was previously full, we will not be able to do it, but we will have to create another.

At 16:00 yesterday, ‘New World’ recognized through his official Twitter profile that there were problems with queues and servers. SaidFurthermore, that the team was working to expand the worlds available on the fly and that “there is no news about increasing server capacity.”

An hour later, at 5:00 p.m., NA West servers opened (North America). Two hours later, ‘New World’ published a statement on its website in which they said the following (the bold are their own):

“All regions are up and running! It’s been an incredible 24 hours and the support for ‘New World’ we’ve seen so far has been incredible. We understand that some players are experiencing long queue times and we are working hard in some things to help solve these problems. We continue to launch additional servers and we will expand the capacity of our current servers once we have properly tested these changes.

Our only goal right now is for everyone to connect and play quickly. To ensure that everyone can find an open world now, and at the same time find a home in Aeternum with its long-term community, We will offer an opportunity in the next two weeks for all players to relocate their characters to a new server of their choice at no cost.. We appreciate your patience as the ‘New World’ community grows and we encourage you to solidify your long-term server plans for you and your Company. “

New World
New World

In other words, given that the only way to play ‘New World’ was to access a less crowded server (and maybe not the one we wanted or not for players of our language), ‘New World’ announced that will allow you to change the character to the server you want at no additional cost.

On the other hand, from ‘New World’ they assure that open more servers and expand existing ones, so that more players can access without having to wait in line. It remains to be seen if in this way Amazon can solve the long waits that players face.

New World (standard edition)

New World (standard edition)