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New state of affairs confirmed before August 6; No major PlayStation 5 announcement will be made

The next state of affairs will air later this week, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed today, but it won’t include a major PlayStation 5 announcement.

The new live stream, which will air on August 6 at 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM UK / 10:00 PM CET, will last 40 minutes and will focus on third-party games coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, as well as updates to PlayStation 5 indie games being shown at the June PlayStation 5 event.

Sony has still announced third-party PlayStation 5 offers – rumor

It’s been a while … but State of Play returns Thursday with a focus on third-party published games coming to PS4 and PS VR. We have a few PS5 game updates for third-party titles and indie that you last saw in the June PS5 showcase.

The episode weighs more than 40 minutes (!). We have a great line-up in store with lots of new gameplay visuals and other game updates.

As mentioned earlier, no major PlayStation 5 announcement will be made during the event.

And to be clear, there will be no updates for PlayStation Studios in Thursday’s episode. There will also be no updates on hardware, business, pre-orders or dates. On Thursday, our focus will be entirely on showcasing some cool upcoming games coming to the wider PlayStation ecosystem.

Sony’s statement seems to disprove rumors suggesting that more PlayStation 5 games, such as the new entry in the God of War series and a new entry in the Silent Hill series, would be announced during the next State of Play. However, the Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, so there’s still a chance that some major PlayStation 5 announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

The PlayStation 5 will be launched worldwide later this year. The next state of affairs will be broadcast later this week, on August 6.

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